Friday, September 26, 2008

Mambo Italiano

One thing about me that I may not have talked about yet (not sure) is that I'm a TV FIEND! I'm obsessed with so many tv shows and I find myself watching TV for more of the spare time. I know.. that's bad.. I should get off the couch and do stuff, but I can't help it. TV is awesome.

The 7th season (yes, 7 already!) of Dancing with the Stars premiered this past Monday. I'm only now catching up on the episodes (since I was in Florida). And I'm actually quite disappointed at all of the stars' performances. There's not ONE stand out performer this year... However, that doesn't stop me from noticing super hottie Italian chef Rocco DiSpirito!

AND he cooks! YUMMY! Food is definitely the way to my heart! lol.
I hope he stays around on the program for a while longer, though his chances don't look too good because he really can't dance. But let's hope all the food fans out there vote for him! I want to see him shake his booty in the cha cha and the samba! ;)

OH! And my favorite professional dancer Maxim Chmerkovskiy is back on the show this season! SO hot! He's with Misty May Treanor and she's not too bad, so I think they'll stay for a little bit.

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