Friday, September 5, 2008

Wedding Bells

My friends are getting married in October! The happy couple will be getting married at the Disneyland Resort! This is where the ceremony is going to take place (I believe):

It looks so amazing. So excited!
Oh, I should mention that my friends are guys. They live in New York now, but for obvious reasons, they're getting married back here in California. I'm just excited that I got invited. I've never been to a friend's wedding before! I've only been to my sister's wedding about 5 years ago. Oh jeez, what to wear?! What to get them?! They're registered at Bloomingdales... um, can I even afford anything in there?! Well, I'm just really happy for my friends and it should be an AMAZING ceremony and reception.

Also, I get to bring a guest. I wonder if J will be in California during the wedding... He does owe me that date he promised me....

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