Sunday, September 21, 2008

2.5 Days Left

It is now Sunday night... wait, make that Monday morning. That means that there are only two and half days of Florida left. As you read in the previous post, I was so happy that I finally got in contact with J. But I'm afraid that we're playing the same game as before. And I am once again foolish enough to wait for him. Regrettably, we did not set a time or date for our meeting. He simply said that he would be free either Monday or Tuesday night, and possibly Sunday night (but we can scratch Sunday night off the list). But we definitely don't have a set time. I told him to call me once he knows - but what I should have done was insist on a time/date. Instead, I am now waiting for his response again. What a horrible position to be in again. And I thought that I had made progress.

My fear is that he's just going to tell me that he's too busy and won't be able to meet up with me. That would really be the worst thing that can happen. But, I'm going to think positive. My time in Florida has not ended and this can still happen. Keep your fingers crossed for me?


Joshua said...

Even when you're waiting,


Trust me, it'll do you good. You can always pick up the phone when he calls while you're having fun...or you can just invite him once he does call! :D

DL said...

Problem is I don't know where to go! haha. I don't want to just walk around Orlando aimlessly! lol. but I might think about it..