Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm beginning to regret my decision to come to Orlando. No matter how much I convinced myself that J was NOT the reason for coming out here... it seems as though he really was. I mean, if I actually got on that cruise, then I really could say that I was coming to get on the cruise and visit my friends. But now, I'm alone in my hotel room, with nothing to do but watch Dolly Parton on Jay Leno. FUCK! I'm so pissed off at myself. And what sucks even more is that I am incapable of having fun -- I want to go to the clubs, but I've never been and more importantly I don't want to go alone. This is just depressing. I hope visiting the theme parks tomorrow will cheer me up.


Shane said...

Man... your situation sucks!
That guy is so horrible, *Sigh*
Try and think positive... somehow...
Theme park sounds fun anyways!
Candy floss. Yum yum :D!

Joshua said...

How come you can't go to the clubs alone? Who cares? Just go and have some fun and have some drinks and get wasted or something (just kidding, but get some drinks haha)

HAVE SOME FUN--you don't need to have fun with people!

And especially with J. You can totally have fun by yourself or with different people.

Think about it: before you go back to CA, do you want to say to coworkers and stuff that you went to Orlando and just sat in your hotel room and watched Jay Leno?

DL said...

Joshua + Shane - I can always count on your guys to post a comment and cheer me up. ;) I'll probably head to the clubs tomorrow night. I dunno. I'll try and have some fun. I don't really drink.. Any drinks that you guys can recommend where I won't taste the alcohol? (have had an aversion to the taste of alcohol after bad experience)

Shane said...

I like any kind of cocktails. Or maybe that's because it has the word cock in it?