Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Push-Ups = Bigger Muscles = GOOD

So I blogged about my Push-Ups program before and I'm really proud of myself for sticking to it. It's only been 1 week, but STILL... that's good for me! I'm usually really bad when it comes to working out. But I'm really beginning to feel that being healthy and keeping fit is making me feel better about myself. I'm liking the progress that I'm making. the progress seems minimal, but each little step is a step towards the right direction. An example of this was just the other night. For my work, I get to wear different outfits as part of my job. And this summer, I had a pair of pants that fit me a little more snug than I would like. Every time I would try to button it, I'd have to suck in a little so that I could comfortably get it closed. And it would be slightly uncomfortable bending over to put my shoes on after they were buttoned. But two nights ago, after a week off from being in that outfit, I put those pants back on, and I COMFORTABLY buttoned the pants. My first thought was, "Are these my pants?!" I unbuttoned them and checked the label and it definitely had my name in them. lol. I think I walked around and told everyone around me about my accomplishment.

Well anyway, the push-ups program is working. Each time I do the push-ups, I feel that I have more strength to do more than I could before. I just finished Week 1 right now. This last day of Week 1 had me doing 15, then 13, then 10, then 10, and then as many as possible (but at least 15), with 2 minutes rest in between each set. I decided to set a goal of 20 for that last set. So in total, I did 68 pushups tonight! That's WAY more than I ever was able to do before. And just in this past week, I can kind of see the results in my chest, my shoulders, and my arms. And that's the area that I want to work on the most. So I'm really glad that I'm getting the results that I want.

In other fitness news, last night, our work had a pizza party/movie night in celebration of the end of the Summer period. (I know it's not ACTUALLY the end of summer yet... but for work, Labor Day marks the end of Summer) And at the party, I ate a slice of Cheese pizza, 2 slices of Pepperoni pizza, a slice of Supreme pizza, and a slice of garlic bread. Oh.. and a can of Coke. Sigh... so after doing that, I felt like a big fat pig. So I desperately needed to work it off. I decided to go to the gym and go swimming. I absolutely love the feeling of swimming. I'm not good at it (I hardly go anywhere when I'm doing the freestyle) but I just like it a lot. I did a whole bunch of laps until my arms felt like they were going to fall off. And I was able to try out my new Aussiebum swimwear. ;) I felt pretty sexy in them. Can't wait until I go to the beach in them. Here's what they look like:

If only I looked THAT good in them. haha. But yeah, I love them. I highly recommend them!

Anyway, the point is I had a good work out, I'm gaining a better body, and I'm proud of myself for sticking to it. ;)


Adam said...

Congratulations on your blog and your commitment to yourself in changing your body and life. I wish you the best.

If I may offer some advice for your workout routine, add some cardio, running is awesome for weight loss, to your workouts and try giving up Cokes and other soft drinks. From my own personal experience, you will be amazed at what you look like when your friend from Florida returns in October.

d said...

over 6 months ago, i started getting into shape. after a year of not doing anything with my body, i was overdue. and now ive lost about 18 lbs. i walked everyday, repicked up yoga, and am eating healthier. i was looking to just lose the extra padding, but now i want to get some definition, so i think ill have to incorporate your push-ups program into my routine! youve given me some inspiration to keep moving forward! and being in my *cough* early 30s *cough*, inspiration to keep in shape is a valuable commodity!!