Friday, September 26, 2008

Lost Baggage

So my flight landed at 10:oopm PDT last night and by 10:15pm, I'm already at baggage claim. My first piece of luggage comes out pretty quickly, but then I wait for my second bag for about 15 minutes. Milo calls me and tells me he's already waiting for me outside. I tell him my second bag hasn't come out and that I think they've lost it.

See, getting on my first flight in Orlando to Phoenix, I was one of the last ones to board the plane. So when I get on, the flight attendant tells me that there is no more overhead bin space. I had to check my bag. So I just leave it on the gangway and board the plane. Then I realize that nothing on my bag tells them that I'm going to be on a connecting flight to Orange County, CA. So I tell the flight attendant and he asks me for my name and my destination and the description of my bag. They said they got it in time and have taken care of it.

Well, they didn't take care of it. And I didn't get my bag last night. I talk to Southwest Airlines customer service and they tell me that they'll do everything they can to find it. This morning, I get a call from the lady at customer service and she tells me that the bag is in Phoenix and never made it out to California. But they are sending it over on the next flight. So at 12:00noon, I get the call again and they tell me that my bag is here. They could either send the bag to me (free of charge) or I can go pick it up along with a travel voucher. Well, I heard travel voucher and immediately agreed to go pick it up. It wasn't that far anyway, and I had other business around the area, so I drive down and pick it up.

After driving around the parking lot at the airport for 15 minutes, I finally find a parking spot millions of miles away from where I need to be, and walk in to get my bag. They didn't even ask me for my identification... Anyone could've have taken my bag! But anyway, I take it back to my car (a million miles away) and I open the travel voucher. $50 towards my next Southwest flight. Well, not too shabby! I still also have a one way ticket through JetBlue, so it looks like I will be making another trip somewhere in the near future!! Perhaps another Florida trip?? haha. Maybe this time I can actually get on that cruise!


5 Things You Didn't Know About Me Before (stolen from joshua, THANKS!)
  1. I own a Nintendo Wii and the hugely popular WiiFit - yet I never play it even though I have loads of time to kill... why? who knows.
  2. I have scoliosis. For those who don't know, it means my spine is curved from side to side. So instead of a straight spine, mine is in the shape of an S... no surgery needed yet... and hopefully never will.
  3. I drive a Prius! It's black! and it's amazing! I've had it for almost 1.5 years now. Love every part of it.
  4. I graduated with a B.A. in Economics from UCLA.... and I hated that place.
  5. I really want to learn how to ballroom dance... I might ask for ballroom lesson for my birthday... which is in 3 weeks from today!


Shane said...

That could of been pretty devastating if they lost your bag and if there were expensive/valuable belongings in your bag.
Glad it all worked out!

Aek said...

At least you got your baggage back . . . that kind of happened to me once, but I got my baggage on the flight right after mine so I only had to wait an extra 3 hours or so at the airport. o.O

2. Maybe you should get that looked at? Maybe yours is really mild . . .

4. Hmm, I tried convincing my youngest brother to apply there for engineering. But he's too lazy to do so. -_-