Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flying Home

I am on my way home right now. I have a two hour layover in Phoenix, AZ. Flying Southwest (hence the picture), and I don't like it one bit. I hate that we don't have assigned seats. And for whatever reason, I was given a really high boarding number for my 4.5 hour flight. So, I was stuck in a middle seat. I HATE sitting in the middle seat. And the guy on my left had his overhead air vent slightly too far to the right so it was blowing at my arm and lower torso area for the entire trip. I tried to adjust it when he was sleeping or looking away but I couldn't get it all the way out of my path. So I had this annoying breeze on me for the whole trip. And then when he would be awake and reading a magazine, the magazine would deflect the air right into me so I had a full on fan on me. ARGH. That's so annoying. In addition, there's nothing to lean on while sitting in the middle seat so whenever I tried to sleep, my head would fall forward and when I would wake up, I had the worst pain in my neck. 4.5 hours! At least the guys next to me didn't smell....

Now to hunt down a hot guy to sit next to on my flight back to California!


Shane said...

"Now to hunt down a hot guy to sit next to on my flight back to California!"

You - slut -


DL said...

Shane: haha! there actually were some hot guys, but they sat behind me :(

Joshua said...

LOL you should have talked to him/them! On the flight to Taiwan, there was this hot guy sitting next to me the ENTIRE time (13 hours...:D) and I talked to him just a little bit. It was kind of regretful, but then I remind myself that he was nearing forty and that would be pedophilia, no matter what country I was in or flying over...which would be none, because I'd be over the Pacific.

But he was still hot. Hahaha....yeah okay.

He also took sleeping meds so he slept for about 12.5 hours. He was awake only for the food! How cute!

Okay that's kind of creepy of me.

DL said...

joshua: the hot guys were talking to each other and had a few beers and by the end of the flight were totally buzzed and being loud. lol. So frat boy of them.