Monday, October 13, 2008

The Wedding

So Saturday was the wedding. Here's the previous update on the wedding if you haven't read the drama. Our friends decided to just go and make the best out of the night and just go with the flow. A bunch of us got together at my apartment to get ready and have some wine before we left for the ceremony. Here we are all dressed up and ready to go

(left to right) Bethany, Miles (Milo), Katy, me, N

There I am second from the right with my white shirt, black tie, black coat, blank pants, and CHARCOAL grey vest. I must say I looked spiffy. And all my friends agreed. Made me feel a little better about myself.

And by the way, I'm just going to stop thinking of nicknames or aliases for my friends because they're not going to find my blog and it's too much of a hassle thinking of and remembering aliases for all the people I want to talk about. So unless their name is super unique, I won't be using initials or aliases anymore. Ok.. now back to the wedding.

Like I said, we had some wine, and then drove over to the Disneyland Hotel, where the ceremony was being held. And being the cheesy performers that we are, we decided to have a photo shoot as we walked down the parking lot.

Aren't we the biggest nerds ever? We gotta work on our modeling skills, even though it does look like Miles is definitely ready for catalog already. We walk into the waiting area and we immediately start looking at what everyone is wearing. TUX MY ASS! Not one person was wearing a tux or anything resembling a tux. Not even the fathers. They were all wearing their nice suits and a nice black tie. Not a bowtie. A regular tie. What the heck was Drew (DarkD) smoking?! So now we're definitely dressed for the part - must say we all looked REAL good compared to many others.

Then it was time to walk over to the Rose Gardens. One of the wedding coordinators is our friend that we work with and she informed us that the floral designer was the same guy who designed Eva Longoria and Tony Parkers wedding!! And you can definitely see that Drew and Colin ([Fiance]) spent that money in these pictures.

The wedding was really touching. They had some family members come up and do some readings of poems about love and marriage. But it was a good length of time, so not boring, and it was just a beautiful setup. I wish their microphones were turned up a little higher though because I couldn't really hear them too well. But they made their vows and sealed them with a kiss. And we all clapped and were happy for them.

We were walked over to the Grand Californian Hotel and had some hors d'oeurves before we were let into the reception hall. Those appetizers were SO good. I ate it all and had seconds and thirds. I'm such a fat bitch....

After eating all that, we sat down at our table and they announced the entrance of the two grooms. It was dark but I tried to take some pictures. I think it actually turned out nicely because the light and the shadows on them in the picture makes it look cool. See for yourself.

Colin (left) and Drew (right)

The food was absolutely exquisite and scrumptious! They had mixed greens with a creamy balsamic vinegarette. And the main dish was a NY Strip Steak that was seasoned and cooked to perfection in a mustard Merlot sauce. Wow! After dinner, we of course got on the dance floor and partied it up. Drew and Colin came up to us and we all congratulated them. Drew gave me a big hug and told me that I looked good. THAT'S RIGHT I look good! Glad he acknowledged it. So I forgave him for all the douche-iness.

Bethany and me, having fun on the dance floor

It was a late wedding. The ceremony started at 7:30pm and so we didn't leave the reception until 12am. Exhausted and slightly drunk, Miles and N stayed over at my place and we all conked out real quick.

The next day, we lounged around my apartment for a good part of the morning and early afternoon. We finally decided to make use of our day around 3:00pm and head out to Disneyland for a fun day NOT working. We watched our friends in the parades and then went on a few rides. As we were waiting for the first parade, we saw Drew and Colin on the opposite side of the street and we yelled for them and waved hi. Drew runs across the street and starts talking to us. But Colin was apparently too good for us to attempt to cross the street. He stood on the other side with his snobby collar popped on his snobby baby blue polo shirt and his snobby bermuda shorts. Didn't even wave Hi to us. Just looked down at his Blackberry and attempted to look busy. Drew promised us that he'd call us after the parade, but guess what?... he never did.

I have a feeling that we've officially lost one of our good friends...


Anonymous said...

looking good there dl!

Zee said...

Wow, that all looks nice. Must have been one hell of a wedding.

I sure hope you are still stay friends with Drew though. Marriage shouldn't end friendships.

DL said...

heatfrost: thanks!

zee: it was a good one... but yeah, marriage shouldn't end friendships.. but I think this one might. He has totally changed.

Jasssoonnn said...

First off, you are so lucky to have attended something so wonderful. Yea, Im sure when people get married that it's kinda like loosing a good friend. It's almost like when you are a teen and one of yer good friends in the group gets a 'first' gf and u never see him anymore.. well until they break up and he wants to be a friend again. lol. well, very good pics, and yes, the pic of the two grooms was awesome. not bad I might add..

As far as the nick names thing. I am like that too. Like, I was thinkin that if someone ran into my blog, then so be it. I talk a lot about Tay on there, and i was thinkin if he ever saw that what would he say.. But then I realized how he already knows how much I love him, so it wouldn't be a be suprise. lol

Thanks for sharing all that with us!


Anonymous said...

haha, no one wears ties any more. only james bond. you look excellent!

Miles Stowe said...

It was a really fun wedding, I was surprised it turned out so well. I cant believe we sat next to the asian Janet Jackson!!!


Joshua said...

The flowers are SO PRETTY. And you look quite spiffy! :D

Quite, quite spiffy. You look good haha

Did anyone ever tell you that you have a million-dollar smile? Because you do and you're lucky haha. I like how you gave everyone different colored identity-hiding boxes :D

But there's something about weddings that I can't really stand. I just don't think I like weddings very much...strange, I know. I like the food, though. My cousin's getting married in SF next year (not a gay wedding, my family would FREAK) and I (truthfully) don't really want to go haha. But the reception's in Irvine so I'll be going to that :D

DL said...

Jason: I think this is VERY much like the situation you described. I'm just hoping that he's realizing that he's shutting out his old friends and try to change soon.

James: THANKS! :)

Miles: I wish I took a picture of our Filipino Janet Jackson! That's hilarious! LOL.

Josh: noone's said I looked SPIFFY in ages. lol! THANKS! It's a shame you don't like weddings. I really enjoyed being there. Just give it another try, maybe you'll like it this time around? heh