Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coming Out, #3

Amidst all the drama with J in Florida, I neglected to talk about my coming out to another one of my good gay friends, Sven. I've known Sven for 4 years now - we both worked together in the same department - and he's always been an all-around fun guy to be around. Recently, Sven received a contract to work elsewhere in the company and he's now in Toronto. (Lucky!)

So anyway, when I was alone in my hotel room after I had my dinner with J in Florida, Sven was on AIM and we chatted for a while. And I just felt like it was time for me to let him know. There wasn't a real reason why I wanted to do it. I just had this feeling to do it. And I was less nervous this time than when I told JW or Milo.

I started chatting and then I brought up that I had dinner with someone special.

Sven: A romantic dinner?

Me: It wasn't as romantic as I wanted it to be, but yes

Sven: Who was it with?

Me: Well... you don't know him...

Sven: A Florida boy?

Me: err... yes...

Sven: cute.

And that was that. So the rest of the night, we talked about J and how the dinner/date went. Then he talked about having a Coming Out parade for me (haha), to which I declined. I have enough parades in my life. So I'm just happy that I was able to be honest with Sven and I think we've become even better friends because of it. He's going to be gone on his contract for another 6 months or so, but can't wait until he comes back and maybe JW, Milo, Sven, and I can all go out together and have some fun. ;)


Anonymous said...

Cool! In all my previous employment, I never come out to any of my colleagues. I believe I afraid of discrimination at work back then, so I have to hide that side of me from all my co-workers, and it is not a good feeling at all…bleah! =)

Zee said...

Hello. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

I am glad that it is becoming easier for you to come out to people. I guess having gay friends helps too.

DL said...

Janus: everyone at my work is pretty much gay, it's not going to be a problem with coming out to them.

zee: thank YOU for the comment ;) I'm also glad it's becoming easier.. though I have still yet to do it in person.

steevo said...

It's National Coming Out Week. Does it count if a college student finally meets a gay guy he knows from blogging cuz they happen to be at the same uni?