Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coming Out (Almost) #4, Halloween Update

Today, I almost came out to my good friend N (she has a very unique name so she's staying in initials). It almost got there, but then I chickened out for some reason... So to preface my story, today, Miles and I went to Beverly Hills to go shopping for new outfits to wear to go out on the town. We had planned to go to West Hollywood for some clubbing with Jon tomorrow night. So we wanted to look nice ;) Well, long story short, Jon hasn't been feeling well and isn't up for going out anymore. So we had to cancel.

I'm at work on my iPhone, texting Miles telling him about Jon. The iPhone makes a loud noise every time I send or receive a text. So N is sitting next to me when this happens. She asks me, "Who are you texting?" because I guess the sounds were catching her attention.

Me: Oh, it's Miles. We're just texting each other cuz we're mad at Jon for ditching us tomorrow.

N: What's going on tomorrow?

Me: Miles, Jon and I were supposed to go out together. But Jon's busy or sick or something.

N: Oh really? What were you guys going to do?

Me: We were going to go clubbing!

N: Clubbing? Where were you guys planning to go? WeHo?

Me: Haha (nervously). Yea.

And that was the end of the conversation. So you see, I could've easily just slipped it in at the end: "N, I'm gay." But something held me back from doing it. I know that N is one of my friends that I want to come out to next. I just need to do it and not chicken out. Guess I'll keep everyone posted on that.

In other news, remember those short shorts that I ordered for my Halloween costume? Well, I found out that they were back ordered and weren't going to be arriving in time!! So I contacted the shop immediately and asked them to just give me the next size up (which they had available). Luckily, they were able to make that change right away, and it looks like I'll be getting it by the beginning of next week! WHEW!

And then tonight, I decided to put on what I do have of my costume and do a little photo shoot to see if it's going to look ok and believable. So here's what it looks like.

I'm wearing boxers instead of my short shorts. They're the length that they would be, but the real ones will be a darker blue. I'm also going to have long tube socks and shoes on. Do you think I need to iron on some sort of school logo or anything on my white shirt? I'm just not sure people will understand P.E. Teacher from what I'm wearing. Let me know what you think!


Zee said...

Lol, nice costume. Don't worry about not coming out this time. You probably will have thousands of other chances. Just wait until you are ready.

Shane said...

Nice costume :P
Zee is right - there will be another chance.

Joshua said...

Your shirt isn't tight enough, and you call those shorts?!

Just kidding :) you look really good hahah

If you don't feel comfortable telling N, then don't do it. Every person gets their own time, some take longer than others, even if they're super close.

I love the clipboard, by the way. It makes the outfit. :D

You should get the black crap under your eyes (the thing football people wear) because that's FUCKING hot :D

Okay bye.

Btw I just emailed you haha

E said...

Don't feel bad. Only one person knows I'm bi. I kinda chickened outta tellin' my best friend. I had the perfect opportunity while we were eating last week after work. She said (this is horribly indiscreet) that you can never fully know some1. I told her that if the two people trust each other then there is no reason for them hide anything. She gave me a skeptical look, so I told her to ask me anything. What the hell did I do that for?! She started asking me questions, and I almost told her "Oh yeah, I got a thing for guys!" But I didn't. I figured that when the time is right I'll say something.

AJCon89 said...

hot costume :)

I'll give you my approval to leave the house with that on...

Best of luck coming out to N... sounds like she is a good friend and this will be good for you. I'm sure you will find the right time to do it.

Loving the blog btw... starting to go back and read some earlier posts...