Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"That's so dang cute!"

I hate myself for succumbing so easily...

I logged onto Facebook tonight and on the homepage, it tells me that Jamie has uploaded 4 new photos to his profile. They are 4 pictures of him and his cat. Now.. I don't even like cats, and these pictures were just so cute. Jamie has the biggest smile ever, on his bed (presumably), playing with his cat. One of the pictures has his cat biting him on his arm, and the next picture is of him biting back. ARGH. I couldn't help it and posted a comment on the one where he's smiling real big: "That's so dang cute!" Why do I do things like this? I can't help it. I want to distance myself from him. But I just can't. Seeing his cute, handsome, smiling face .... ARGH!

By the way, I finally did reply back to him on Facebook after he sent me back a message (see previous post). I sent that on the 24th.. It's now the 28th. No response back. Sigh... I hate my situation. I hate every bit of it. I almost wish that I never met him at all. Or at least, I wish that something can be done so that I can free him from my mind!


naturgesetz said...

JMO, but I think that it will take time to free Jamie from your mind. It will take longer if you keep looking him up on Facebook. But give it enough time and he will be a memory. Maybe there will always be a bit of regret that things turned out the way they did, but the pain will subside.

He doesn't hate you. It's just that his life is going in a different direction.

TAO said...

Ah, to be young, idealistic, and a romantic! Remember, you cannot experience the sheer joy of love without having also experienced the hurt of rejection...its the ying and yang of existence.

Joshua said...

Omg that's super cute!! hahaha

But remember: he's just a friend and it really doesn't matter if he's responding or not because you've got better things to do than sit in Facebook and keep pressing refresh!! :D

Okay yeah that's what I do when I email people I'm in love with.

Just kidding I just go to their house and watch them shower.

James said...

Don't trust gay guys with cats. Every self-respecting gay man should be a dog-person. Anyways, that's my useless anecdotal advise.