Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Wedding Update

The wedding is TOMORROW! If you haven't read about it before, make sure to read the first post and then, more importantly, the update.

Well, I'm definitely going to just wear my black suit WITH the charcoal vest, because I think I look damn good in it. Screw what DarkD says about it. And my friends are coming over to my apartment before the ceremony to show each other our outfits and to have a little Pre-Wedding Party, just so we can let our frustrations out about the wedding (because there's a lot) and start drinking (hehe) before we get there.

So the newest frustration doesn't directly involve me, but it's just a pretty douche-y thing to do and I'm pretty unhappy about it. Two days ago, Lamb, who is in the wedding party, texts me and she says: "OMG DarkD kicked his best friend _____ out of the wedding wtf?" She then forwards me what DarkD text his best friend:

"Hey so your partner in the wedding party can't come anymore because her mother's in the hospital with cancer, so I have to ask you to not be in the wedding party"

So essentially, DarkD kicked his best friend out of the wedding THROUGH TEXT MESSAGES. He didn't even call him to tell him that. And was that the ONLY solution that they could have come up with? It's THIS close to the wedding and he's going to be kicked out of the wedding party. I think just the way that this situation was handled is what is bothering me. I just can't believe he never called him!! That's so inconsiderate! It's understandable to want an even number of groomsmen/bridesmaids on each side.. I get that... but DarkD could have given him the courtesy of a PHONE CALL.

Just the way that this whole wedding has been handled and how he has treated his friends (the wedding attire, the wedding registry) is completely unacceptable. I have two thoughts, and I don't know which is better:

1) DarkD isn't making any of these decisions and it's his fiance that's in total control. If this is the case, then I'm sad that DarkD is letting his partner control his life, with total disregard for his friends.

2) DarkD really doesn't care about us and how he is treating us. He has moved on and become a snobby, douche-y, pretentious elitist living in his brownstone in the Upper East Side in NYC while flying around in his jet.

I'm still pretty heated about all this, and I hope I don't do anything stupid and let DarkD have it when I see him... that's IF we even see him because I still have NO idea where this wedding is actually taking place. The super pretentious invitation only says "Disneyland Resort" but that's a pretty damn big area, so I'm not even sure where to park or where to go! BLAH! This is going to be an INTERESTING night and I'm pretty sure I'll have LOTS to blog about afterwards.


Anonymous said...

That is just sad. Let's just hope something good comes out of this eventually.

Joshua said...

WTF?! He kicked his best friend out because his partner's mom had cancer?! And is hospitalized?! What a jerk!!

And although this is really, really sad, I think it's still a little entertaining so please update!! :D

steevo said...

i'd boycott

Anonymous said...

this outrage gives gay marriage a bad name and makes queers seem pretentious and self absorbed.


DL said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Janus: the wedding turned out well and I guess that would be the something good.

Josh: yeah... kicked him out. And he was PISSED. He almost didn't go to the wedding today. But he decided to put it aside for the night and support his best friend.

Steevo: My friends and I almost didn't go, but we decided to be supportive and go. and it turned out to be a real fun wedding.

But yeah, the wedding was fun and I'll be posting a full blog post soon.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's a little of both, what a jackass.

For yourself, it might, personally, be worth investing in a tuxedo sometime. I bought one for prom and have used it several times since then. It just comes in really handy. Though I have to say, a bowtie is well queer.