Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This morning, I wake up at 10:42am, but I don't make my way off of my bed until 11:02am. As I take my Brita filter out of the refrigerator to pour myself a glass of cold water, this annoying loud noise goes blaring in my apartment. I jump because 1) I hate loud noises and 2) It freakin scared me to death! After about two seconds, I finally realize that it's the fire alarm. ARGH. I'm in my boxers and a sleeveless shirt and decide that I cannot walk outside in that. I don't care if there's a real fire and I'm about to be burned alive, I can't be seen like that. So I grab my "NERD" shirt and put on a pair of blue Abercrombie shorts, take my iPhone off the charger and put it in my pocket, grab my wallet, grab my keys, put on my sandals, and finally make my way out the door. I make my way down the emergency exit stairs and walk outside to find myself behind some guy in his wifebeater and nasty ass shorts and I think to myself, "THAT is why I changed my clothes."

Anyway, it was a false alarm and I got to go back to my apartment right away. I guess it was a nice little adventure to wake me up.

Today, I made plans with my graduate school buddies to have some lunch at the University. As we sit down to eat our sandwiches (Le Diplomate sandwiches - SOO yummy! Joshua, you HAVE to go get one!), my friend, Oh-Girl, points out this guy walking towards us with his shirt off and over his shoulders.

Oh-Girl: Look at that guy with his shirt off. What makes him think that that's ok?

Me: Haha, I know right? Jeez!
(In my head: Wow, HOTNESS!)

Oh-Girl: Just put the stupid shirt back on.

Me: Yeah, I know... It's not even that hot right now.
(In my head: Oooo, look at those muscles!)

Oh-Girl: He's just walking around shirtless so that people will look at him.

Me: Yeah, that's ridiculous.
(In my head: Where the heck is my iPhone? I need a picture of this.)

Well, unfortunately, I didn't take my iPhone out to get a picture, but this guy looked very much like him:

Yeah, the guy had a HOT bod and was good looking too. He just walked into the courtyard, stopped to talk to his friend, and then walked off. I don't think he even came from the direction of the gym... so I think he really was just walking around with his shirt off because he CAN and knows that he looks good.

That just made me feel really bad about myself. There I was, sitting in the courtyard, eating a sandwich drenched in creamy garlic sauce and sipping a thick and creamy smoothie. And there's Shirtless Hottie showing off his 1% body fat. Damn I need to hit the gym more often.

So as I drive home, I start a text conversation with JW -

Me: Have you been to the gym lately? I feel fat. Let's go tonight.

JW: I'm gonna pass. Tired and I have school in the morning

Me: U suck. U never go.

And it looks like I never go either because I'm still sitting on my couch at home, watching McCain waddle around the town hall floor, and contemplating eating chocolate chip ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Always have to look fabulous, haha!

Who is Oh-Girl? She probably thinking the same thing as you did in her head…LOL!


Shane said...

I think that it's in our gay-genes to want and to look fabulous.

DL said...

Rants: Oh-Girl is from my graduate program who I became really close with (along with Abracadabra, but I haven't mentioned him yet). She's actually getting married in a month, so she better not be thinking the same thing! ;)

Shane: too true. =P Gotta work harder though

Joshua said...

Haha yesterday I did lunges around my gym and today I can't sit on anything hard because it feels like someone shot me in the butt. I can't even pick anything off the ground because my thighs hurt like a MOTHER!! :(

Shirtless at UTC?! What??!!! The most action I've ever seen there were unshaven, unshowered Greenpeace folk in front of Trader Joe's harassing everyone about the status of whales and stuff...I care about the whales, but let me get my damn food!

By the way, I went to Le Dip with a few friends the other day and I got their Tuna Sandwich (because I'm boring and generic) and I ate it on the drive home which was kind of dangerous but sooo worth it. I love Le Diplomate! :D

Anonymous said...

Save some ice cream for me :)

DL said...

joshua: Irvine actually has a LOT of good looking, cute guys. I don't explore the campus much.. pretty much hang around Le Diplomate (lol) but I always see some hot guy walking around. Actually, before Shirtless Hottie, there was a cute guy eating a sandwich inside the shop. I saw him look at me as I walked into the shop. And I kinda just stared at him for a while while I was in line for the sandwich. I hope I wasn't too obvious. LOL.

James: Unfortunately, I didn't have any ice cream in my freezer last night... or else I would've ate the whole thing. haha

Paula said...

You write very well.

Aek said...

Hahaha, the very top of my list for next semester is to hit up the gym A LOT more. It's hard to exercise when it's like, below zero outside (with windchill). Makes you not want to go ANYWHERE.