Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still Doing Those Push Ups

So I'm still working on my one hundred push ups program. I am on the last week now (Week 6) but I don't see how I'm supposed to be able to 100 at the end of Week 6. Well, let me clarify... I'm actually on Week 6, Part B. I'm doing Week 6 over again, but in higher level. Each week has 3 levels, and I plan on doing all 3 parts. I was able to do 50 pushups before I started to feel real strain in the muscles in my arms. That's REAL good for me! But how am I supposed to get to 100?? I'm totally not ready for that yet. I think the push up program should be an 8 week program.

But I can definitely see the progress in my chest. And I am completely happy about it. I've also been (trying) to eat better, healthier. But anyone who has ever tried any sort of "diet" knows, it doesn't always work out. BUT, I am still seeing a difference and I took a picture of myself and I think I look amazingly skinny/fit in it. (Came out a little conceited there.. but whatever. lol)

This Halloween, I really want to be able to wear something more revealing than my stupid Scream costume that I've had forever. (Well, last year, I was a SARS patient because I didn't have my costume with me.. and it was just a mask over my face and some makeup for some sunken eyes) But maybe something a little more fun and, dare I say, sexier would be most desirable this year. Anyone have any good ideas for a costume??

Random Question of the Week (because I like to know more about my readers):
What's your favorite current TV show? And current meaning it has new episodes this season.
P.S. This is a REAL tough question for me because I love SO many TV shows... so I'm actually going to have to think about it a while before I give my answers. lol.


heatfrost said...

Supernatural, by far. I won't spoil the plot details, but I really like the way things are heading this season. Everything that the producers have been building up throughout the past three seasons is falling into place now. So it's really very rewarding and satisfying watching the show.

But Battlestar Galactica might replace Supernatural when it returns next year.

Ok, I've said mine, what's yours? =)

midoriverdegreen said...
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midoriverdegreen said...

wait, batlestar galactica is going to return next year?
Never mind SKINS is the best tv show on tv by far. If you can stomach the accent then this show is really amazing. I would say dr. who but the season is over.

For halloween you should be Eros, the god of erotic love. im thinking a really really small toga is all you need. and a bow and arow

DL said...

heatfrost: I started watching Supernatural when it first premiered -- but then I think it was in the same time slot as something else and I stopped. I want to rent the DVDs and watch it though! I really liked what I did watch of it. I never got into Battlestar Galactica.. gotta put that on the list too.

Midori: I've never heard of SKINS.. what network is it on?

And as for Eros... maybe that's a little TOO skimpy. haha.

heatfrost said...

Galactica is very worth watching, although it's not for everyone (my bf and female friends hate it). Just don't give up if it bores you initially.

And I gotta add that Doctor Who is amazing too, it's my all time favorite series. =)

DL said...

I don't know Doctor Who... i feel like I've heard of it but don't know what it's about.

I feel like Battlestar Galactica is the type of show I could get into, but then again, I never got into all the Star Treks and other space sci-fi tv shows. I guess we'll see. Thanks heatfrost!

exalen said...

Hiya, I'm voting for Battlestar Galactica. Def the best show on TV. Skins is also good.

Skweeky said...

Hi Doug, your push ups program sounds a bit extreme. make sure you balance your exercises so your whole body gets to take part. just doing chest and arms can lead to problems elsewhere - biceps tendonitis for example!

Go for a diet you can sustain - lots of fresh vegetables and fruit - think "rainbow" here. cut down (or out) the saturated fat, stay away from cakes, pies, greasy pizzas etc. Eat good proteins like lean turkey, chicken, tuna, salmon, low fat cottage cheese and yogurt. Nuts and seeds are good in moderation. Diets and alcohol are worst enemies, but treat yourself occasionally. Any diet that makes you eat strange combinations of things goes in the bin (trash) as how can you keep it up? You do however look nice and trim!

Aek said...

You seem to have a really nice body there that you should be proud of (unlike me, lol). Keep up that hard work!

My favorite current TV show . . . maybe House, or Heroes.