Sunday, October 5, 2008

Night Out With the Boys

So Friday night, I went to West Hollywood and hit up three bars with JW and Milo.

Before writing this post, I thought about lying and telling all of you about how I love going to bars and clubs; but the truth is, I had never even been to a straight bar/club before, let alone a gay bar/club. Let's be honest, I'm as nerdy as it gets... why else would this be my favorite shirt?

And nerds just don't go out to clubs often. But Friday night, being bored with nothing to do, Milo suggests we go to West Hollywood (WeHo) to have some fun. After all, it's only 10pm and still early in the night. So I go home and pick out a comfy, slightly tight fitting, long-sleeve hoodie shirt and my tightest pair of jeans, spray on a pint of cologne and then head over to JW's to pick him and Milo up.

This is about the most spontaneous thing I've ever done. I never do anything without a plan. Part of my OCD, I guess. So as I drive on the I-5 Freeway, I start to get a little nervous about it. But I know that I'm with friends so I quickly let that nervousness go. We get there at about midnight, and Milo gets into tour guide mode and points out all the hot spots in WeHo as we drive by. We drive around the side streets for a while and then get super lucky and happen to drive by as a car is pulling out of a parking spot. SCORE! Our night can now begin!

We arrive at The Abbey and we only wait about 5 minutes before we get in. As I walk in, I catch the eyes of a cute guy. We keep eye contact for a good 3-5 seconds, I would say, and he looks like he's interested in me, but JW and Milo walk ahead of me and I don't want to lose them, so I just keep walking. Milo shows me around the many rooms at The Abbey and then we get a drink and just hang out. So many hot guys just walking around! I don't know what to do with myself! However, besides the cute guy from when I walked in, I find myself avoiding eye contact. I have no self-confidence. It's always been a problem with me I guess. But I have horrible self-esteem and I just cannot see any of the hot guys there wanting to have anything to do with me. Amidst my self-loathing, Milo manages to snap a shot of all of us having a good time.

(left to right) Milo, JW, me

We leave The Abbey and proceed to East West. We walk in and find it pretty empty. We go to the back room where we find some couches and we sit down and chat for a bit. I didn't have much to drink (ok, fine I didn't have any to drink yet.. I was the DD) but Milo and JW had dirty martinis at The Abbey and they definitely were affected by it already. So, they decide that making out with each other was the thing to do. There my two friends are, making out on a couch in the East West lounge while I take pictures, with some creepy old man who followed us in to the back room staring at us. And then Milo wants me to kiss JW too, because apparently that's what gays do with their friends. They all make out with each other. So I do, and get a picture taken of it.

After our make out session (well, more like just a peck really), we walk across the street to Eleven. I don't get carded and I walk in to find myself engulfed in a sea of hotties. We dance for a while and it gets real hot, real fast. One thing I really hate about myself is that I sweat so much... it's highly unattractive. But I figure everyone else is sweaty too, so I just forget about it and enjoy myself.

5 minutes into dancing at Eleven, JW spots a Random Hottie and quickly snakes his way through the crowd to bump and grind next to him. For the first 5 minutes or so, it didn't seem likely that it was going to go anywhere, but all of a sudden, Random Hottie turns around and starts dancing with JW. Milo and I look over and just smile, but in our minds we are both thinking, "You lucky bitch!" Pretty soon, they're making out. And being absolutely shameless, Milo takes a picture of it. And I share that with you all now as well.

And as the two make out, JW makes some gesture with his arms at us and we can only assume it to be "Get the fuck away from us so I can keep making out with this Random Hottie." So we do and we go to the bar and grab a drink. Milo orders an Amaretto Sour and just stands there for about 5 minutes while the incredibly hot, muscular, cute bartender continues to take orders from other guys at the bar. Milo gives him a look to ask, "How much?" and he gives a look back to say, "Just take the drink." And so he walks away with a free drink from Hottie Bartender. And since he didn't pay for it, I drink about half of it, and I discover my new favorite drink.

Pretty soon, it's 2AM and the bar makes the announcement that it's closing up, so we make our way out the door and back to my car. On our way back on the side streets, JW finds a building with a glowing red light shining down the side of it. JW gets the bright idea to do an impromptu photo shoot, because apparently that's what gays do. Though I am opposed to it at first, JW and Milo insist I take a picture and I surprisingly get a pretty good photo of myself. Maybe red is my color.

After our crazy photo shoot, we finally get in our cars, get some food at the drive thru at Del Taco, and drive back home. On the drive home, we blast some showtunes on the stereo and sing-along as if we are Broadway stars, because apparently that's what gays do. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo or video of that to share... or maybe it's for the better that I don't have anything to share.

And that's my first experience in WeHo, my first experience at a gay bar, my first experience at ANY bar... and I must say I had an amazing time, thanks to JW and Milo. I really love the two of them, they've become my true BEST friends and I hope we plan to go out to WeHo again soon. Maybe next time, I won't have to make out with my friends and get my own Random Hottie to make out with. Keep your fingers crossed for me! LOL, I'm such a wannabe slut.


Matt said...

I'm not telling!

Shane said...

Haha, looks like you had a good time!
Good on ya man!

Anonymous said...

making out with friends is hot!

JW said...

i am so proud of you! milo and i couldn't be happier that you decided to open up to us, it truly has made us closer friends. being true to yourself brings nothing but happiness, and i can already see a change in you...

welcome to the club!

love ya,

DL said...

Matt: I'm confused about what you're not telling. hehe. Were you out on the town on Friday too? that would be awesome if I saw you and didn't even know it!

Shane: I really did have a great time. And for once, I spent a whole night without thinking about J

heatfrost: HAHa, it was more awkward than hot, but I agree it was fun. I neglected to mention that JW and I actually did "make out" - so more than just a peck - when we were making our way back to our car. Not gonna lie, JW's a good kisser. ;)

JW: aww thanks for commenting. And for the nice words -- you feeling ok? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for random trips to Weho and make out sessions... it always is fun! Cant wait to go back with you boys for another adventure. Everything JW said is true, so happy you decided to be true to yourself life is seriously gonna be good, especially when you have good friends like us to support you!

Love ya,

Joshua said...

FUCKITY! I missed so much about your life!! :( I wish I could do that, except there's nothing really down here in Irvine. :(

DL said...

Milo: thanks for making the suggestion to go out. It was really one of the best nights I've had in a long time. So really.. when are we going again? hehe.

joshua: There seriously is nothing to do in the OC.. so sad. Thanks for coming by to check up on my life though ;)

midoriverdegreen said...

i cant see my self at a bar any more than you did, i think. But, it just goes to show you that the place doesnt matter, its the people.

Aek said...

I don't usually like to go to bars/clubs myself. I'll go if my friends drag me there. I don't know why I don't like to go, cuz I usually have a pretty good time (the few times I have gone).