Thursday, October 30, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

I'm home with family tonight, which means I'm bored out of my mind because they're all asleep and I'm still awake but I have none of MY stuff to do, so I'm on my computer reading blogs. First, let me just say how HAPPY I am for AJ over at AJ's Ramblings for his first kiss with a boy! So freakin adorable! I actually was watching some TV with my family when I randomly turned on my Messenger application on my iPhone. A second after, AJ messages me with a very enthusiastic "Hi!" and then proceeds to tell me his awesome night with Matt. It was so cute, I couldn't hold my smile in. My family probably thought I was a lunatic for smiling so big at my iPhone (and eventually my computer). So congrats to AJ! He's a good guy and he deserves someone to make him happy. ;)

So I'm not going to lie, but I'm totally jealous of him. And I told him too! ;) But it really just reminds me of how sad a life I have. I was talking with James from Just Me this morning too, and I described my day for him: "I sit. Watch TV. Eat. Then go to work. Then sit some more. And watch more TV." Absolutely ridiculous... I can't believe I've let myself become so complacent with my boring life. I really need to do something about it. And I'm hoping these two Halloween parties this weekend will be the first steps to being a more fun Doug. A more outgoing Doug.

And through all this thinking about myself, I realized that many of you may not know me that well. So I went back to my first few blog posts to see what kind of introductions I gave to everyone. My first post was a MESS. Grammar and spelling mistakes everywhere. LOL. And my second post was all about Jamie. Oh jeez Jamie. That's the bulk of this blog, huh? Reading that post again was kind of bittersweet. I basically described our first meeting. My first intimate moments with another boy. My first time holding hands with a boy. My first time kissing a boy. My first time having sex with a boy. It was such a great night - and I'm never going to forget it. But it also reminds me of what I don't have right now. I just want someone to talk to when I'm lonely, someone to hold hands with when I'm watching TV, someone to share my meals with, someone to cuddle with while I sleep. And I know, I know, he'll come when I least expect it. The perfect guy will appear when and where I'm not looking. But for right now, I'm still lonely, and it sucks.

Wow, this post just got real depressing. I'm not even sure what the point of this post was when I first started it. I probably should think out my posts first before I type... I think I originally intended to give you guys more of a background of my life, but I guess it just kinda veered off course into a pit of my own sorrow. Maybe I'll save my background for another day then....

Well, I think I'll leave you all with the new "Don't Vote" ad campaign. Make sure to GO VOTE on Nov 4th! Your vote WILL make a difference!


Joshua said...

Hahahha I love how you write in stream of consciousness hahah :D

And WHAT THE HELL?! You don't have a sad life! I have a sad life! Well, not sad, but boring-as-hell, no fun, lame, etc.

Hahah don't vote...reverse psychology, haha. Your posts were always interesting, regardless the topic. The funniest one was when you were so pissed at that guy at the wedding because he was being prissy and assholeish and hahahahahaaaaa

Anonymous said...

I was jealous, too, lol. I'm glad I wasn't the only one with that reaction.

That's all I want! Really, it's true! Too bad you're not closer. :P

AJCon89 said...


sorry i made both of you feel that way... :-P

I really didnt mean to...

And btw... neither of you are losers in my book!


midoriverdegreen said...

I dont think your life is that depressing, you have fun every now and then and you arent homeless so thats a plus. Right? I think that maybe you should focus on the good if youre that down and maybe a good book would help, it always helps me. Try a young adult type book, the angst is nice when its not annoying and since they are usually not challenging you feel really really smart afterwards. :)