Sunday, October 26, 2008

My (Gay) Day Off

Wow I think I might have had one of the gayest days of my life today.

I started the day wanting to get a Mystic Tan (those fake spray tans). This is in preparation for Halloween because I don't want to have a farmers tans on my arms or, worse, white legs! So I exfoliated and moisturized my body to get ready for the tanning. Then I called up the tanning place and asked about the whole process and she let me know that the tans last up to 3-5 days.. hm. Well, my parties aren't until Friday and Saturday, so it would be too early to get it today. So then I decided against going. But STILL, I exfoliated! and moisturized!

And then I went and ran some errands with Jon. We went to the new Target store that they built down the street from where we live. I went in and could NOT remember what I needed to buy. I walked out with deodorant and tweezers. Yes, TWEEZERS. lol. Oh, it gets gayer.

We then drove down to Best Buy because I've been wanting this DVD for a while now: Celine Dion, A New Day (her show in Vegas). Sigh. Yes, I'm a big closet Celine fan. She's amazing, and you all know it. Bought the DVD for $16.99, and then Jon and I decided that we wanted to continue our gay day and watch a movie in the theaters. What movie, you ask? Going along with the theme of the day, you MAY have guessed it already... Yes, folks... High School Musical 3: Senior Year!

It actually was REALLY enjoyable. I'm a little bias because I work for Disneyland and everything. But, I liked it a lot. Really entertaining and the dancing was real good. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD!

After the movie, I drove back to my apartment, invited Miles over, and we watched the Celine DVD. Amazing singing. Amazing choreography. Amazing stage. Amazing everything. Celine Dion is .... I can't believe I'm using this word ... FIERCE! But the perfect word to sum up my incredibly gay day. And I loved every minute of it. :)


Joshua said...

Omg you're hilarious hahah :D

1. I need a tan, too. I use a gradual sunless tanner. It's working a little bit. I can't use tanning lotion because my left arm is always exposed to the sun when I'm driving an my right arm's not, so right now my right arm is a slightly lighter tan than my left. :(

2. When I exfoliate and moisturize (I always moisturize, I have the worst case of dry skin), my skin feels AMAZING!! :D What exfoliant do you use?? I use Burt Bee's because it goes on soft and I'm not allergic to it haha.

3. I've gone through like four pairs of tweezers because I broke the first one, dulled out the second one, and my mom took the third one away when I was sleeping because she thought it was gay, and my current one is dulling out haha.

4.HS Musical 3?!?! Omg I hate the series!! :( I don't like zac efron, he annoys me hahaha. Actually, I don't think musicals are my thing. I walked out on Rent and Chicago and Spiderman 3. Well Spiderman isn't a musical, but it sucked haha.

It's not a gay day until you have gay sex!! Just kidding :D <3

Joshua said...

haha :D Watch the HS Musical part aha:D

Doug said...

Josh: haha, I guess gay sex was the only thing missing from my gay day! damn! And haha, I loved the HSM reference on SNL. Thanks for the link ;)

AJCon89 said...

wow that is a gay day... Is there something you want to tell us about your sexuality?


I gotta admit, not a fan of the exfoliating and moisturizing... just too much work. The only "product" i own is some hair jel... and that's just because my hair was REALLY getting out of control.

And I never tan...

I guess I'm just not that gay :D

But I gotta admit.. I think Efron is pretty damn sexy... so there must be some gay in me :-P

Anonymous said...

Celine Dion and 'fierce' in the same sentence... really? Haha... I'll admit that I saw a show of her's once and it wasn't that bad.

When I was in Vegas a while back some workmates asked me what the one thing I wanted to do there was... I told them that I couldn't wait to see Celine! Aussie sarcasm didn't really work in the US, and I spent the next week trying to explain how I wasn't really the biggest Celine fan in the southern hemisphere!

Shane said...

Sounds like you had a fun day.
You fierce bitch~!

Doug said...

AJ: I actually just exfoliated and moisturized right now and my skin feels amazing! First time ever doing it, but I won't mind doing it every once in a while. ;)

and yea - Zac Efron is pretty sexy. I found some youtube videos of him on set and he's shirtless and wet and ... yummy! :)

Exalen: HAHA - you can't joke about Celine! She's a big deal here!! lol.

Shane: FI-ERCE! lol.

charlie said...

aha, this film seems absolutely ridiculous, but I'm so going to see it with my sister, just to watch zac efron... god he's damn cute!