Saturday, July 4, 2009

Disney World Boys (Part 2)

Ok... I still think I was a little too detailed about everything in Part 1. I need to not write so much! Anyway.. if you haven't read Part 1 yet, I suggest you do that first. :) Oh and the blog is gonna get kinda sexually explicit now... so don't read unless you want some sexy details. :P

So where was I? Oh yeah, Jamie and I getting frisky after the jacuzzi/pool. Well, we take each others' clothes off and have some sexy time. And it was AMAZING. I had forgotten how big Jamie's dick was. hehe. He goes gentle at first, but pretty soon it gets very hot and steamy. I actually almost experienced cumming while being fucked without touching myself... but I guess my moaning was really hot and he couldn't hold out any longer. But oh my god it felt so good. I hadn't had sex since December. I needed it so much.

We just collapsed on the bed afterwards and just chatted with each other. Somehow we got to food and we both expressed that we were REALLY hungry. So at 4 in the morning, we go out to the Waffle House and have an awesome breakfast together. We get back to the hotel and sleep in each others' arms. It was so nice to have someone to cuddle with again.

We wake up around noon or so and head out to Disney's Animal Kingdom. We spend the day there, going on rides, watching shows. Basically an awesome time spent with Jamie. I really loved every minute of it. The park closed early so we left around 6:30pm. He decides to take me on a tour of the Disney World property, going to backstage areas and stuff. I thought it was really interesting and I loved that he was playing tour guide. After we went through most of the major areas, we decide to play some miniature golf... something I hadn't done in years!

There's something about miniature golf that screams "fun date!!" for me. And it sure was. We both were horrible at it, but that made it even better. We just made fun of our lack of skill the whole time. And there were other people palying so we had to wait to play some of the holes, so we would just sit down on the bench together and talk. So nice to be able to do that with him.

Sitting on the bench with Jamie :)

After miniature golfing, we drive over to the Magic Kingdom just in time for the fireworks at 10pm. Fireworks are usually a pretty romantic thing, but there were just too many people around and I was sweaty and gross from the entire day, so I had a hard time getting close to him during the show. :( Oh well...

After that we returned to the hotel and went to the pool and jacuzzi again. We talked for a while again just about everything and anything. It was very nice to get to know more about Jamie. And I think he got to know me a little better as well. After that, we went back up to the room and once again had some sexy time.

I actually feel bad... because I was REALLY loud. But I couldn't help it because it felt so damn good. He was hitting the spot with every thrust and I just couldn't be quiet. But I still felt bad because it was about 3:00 in the morning and I was staying at a Disney hotel, which meant I probably had little kids next door. But my god, the sex was just amazing. He had me in several positions, and I'm pretty surprised that it felt so good so quickly even though his dick was so big and thick. But yeah, once again, he had me so hard and wanting to cum the whole time. Mmmmm -- loved it!

The next morning, he had to get ready for work again in the afternoon, so he took me to the Magic Kingdom (where I would meet Bryan) and just dropped me off. I was sad that he had to work because that meant that this would be the last I would see of him for a long while. But it had to end some time. I gave him one last kiss and then climbed out of the car. I looked back as he drove off and I just remembered thinking, "Sigh.. that was a great two nights spent with him." And that's all I could have asked for.

So Bryan was working at the Magic Kingdom as a certain tall character. :P I don't want to ruin any magic for any Disney lovers out there. HAHA. But I text him when I entered the park and he told me where he would be. So I went and visited him at his location. On his lunch, he came out to see me and watch the parade with me, which was nice. The rest of the time I spent by myself. I stayed until the night and watched the nighttime parade by myself :( Oh well.. I couldn't have a boy with me every day, right? LOL.

I got back to my hotel and actually had to pack because I was moving hotel rooms for my last night there. So I packed up and went to bed early. Definitely not as exciting as my other two nights.. LOL

So I only have one more day left to blog about.. I'll save that for another night. Again, I'm tired and need some sleep. Also, I really need to blog about Jason. He's the guy that I met up with before my trip to Florida. There have been new developments with him -- good developments -- and I should tell you guys all know about it. Soon. :)


torchy! said...

sounds like you had a totally awesome time, Doug. looking forward to reading more.

i'm only interested in the bits about the theme parks obviously - i'm covering my eyes when i read the rest! lol.

i was at AK when the everest ride opened in 2006. i love it.


Wet Kyle said...

You have beautiful teeth and an amazing smile. You're obviously having too much fun.

I'm glad I haven't seen any Lakers gloating. Oh, but there's still one more day.

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

this sounds like an awesome trip Doug. glad you had such a fun time! it's nice being able to put (partial) faces to names. :) looking forward to hearing more.

Aek said...

Hehe, sounds like you had a ton of fun. ;-)

Don't worry about a post being too long; if it's good, we'll read every word of it (especially if it's steamy sex >.>).

Can't wait to hear more. I hope everything's well with you and that you're having a great 4th of July!

Doug said...

@torchy!: I was there when Everest was pretty new too.. and the Yeti swung his arms at you... it doesn't do that anymore because it's permanently broken so they use some strobe light effect now.. it's lame :(

@WetKyle: I actually I DID watch the final two games in my hotel room. :P GO LAKERS! LOL

@Godfrey: I guess we're just missing Bryan's (partial) face now. hehe.

@Aek: Even when I read it back myself, I don't read everything because it's so long. LOL. but that's very kind of you to say otherwise.