Thursday, July 2, 2009

Disney World Boys (Part 1)

It's about 3 weeks late, but I'm finally finding time to blog about Florida. It's been pretty crazy these past few weeks and I'll get to all that, but I wanted to blog about Florida (especially the boys) before I forget too much stuff. So here goes!

So I think I'm going to spare you all the details of my entire Disney World experience and just talk about what I assume you all want to read about: the boys :) Of course that's going to overlap with the vacation details, but I'll try not to write pages upon pages about it. Oh and there are several boys that I will be writing about.. hope you guys don't get confused about who is who. Use the labels at the bottom of the post to go to posts about the boys. LOL.

My flight left at 7am in Orange County, but I had a layover in Phoenix, AZ. While on the plane to Phoenix I was thinking about what I brought with me and how I packed everything within 4 hours of leaving my apartment. And then it hit me: I FORGOT TO PACK MY CONDOMS AND LUBE!! When I realized it, I was SOOOO pissed off. I seriously couldn't believe it. In Phoenix, I text Jon and tell him my unfortunate situation. Naturally, he laughs at me. He tells me to ask one of my boys to take me to the store or bring some themselves. Sigh... what an embarrassing situation. I seriously didn't want to ask them... and furthermore, did not know which boy to ask. I was to make this decision later.

So I arrive in Orlando International Airport at around 5pm or so and I text Bryan to let him know that I made it out there and excited to finally meet him. We made plans to meet each other at Epcot to watch the fireworks. On the way to the hotel, I also text Jamie, just to make sure he's still planning on meeting up with me this weekend when he's off work. I get a response from him saying that he has no plans this week and that he was all mine. ;-) That of course makes me happy. And then I decide that Jamie is to be the one I would ask about the condoms... Here is the text conversations:

Me: Hey um, this is awkward and I don't mean to be presumptuous, rather just safe, but is there anywhere you can take me to get some condoms and lube?... I forgot to pack them :(

Jamie: To the mega sex depot we go.

Me: Can I some new sex toys while we're there then? LOL.

I guess the situation wasn't as awkward or embarrassing as I thought it would be. ;) So then it's time to meet Bryan out in Epcot. I get there early and walk around by myself, in the horribly humid weather. And I do so in my jeans because my luggage had not arrived in my hotel room... So freaking hot - I was sweating like a pig!

Finally I get a text from Bryan telling me to meet him in front of Mexico. :) I hurry over and spot him right away since he's 6'4" or whatever he is. As I get closer I see that he's with his friend, Shannon. Not going to lie, I was a little bummed that she was there too, but I guess I totally understand since it was our first time meeting in person. What if I was a serial killer or something? He's just being cautious. LOL. And plus she was his ride.

So we watch the fireworks (which I love) and just kind of chat with each other. We didn't really get to talk one on one since Shannon was there, but it was still nice to meet him. After the fireworks, they just took me back to my hotel and we said goodnight. I didn't want to ask if he wanted to stay over -- cuz it would've sounded really slutty, especially when Shannon was there too. So I just let that go and went back to my hotel room. I spend some time texting Jamie just to chat with him before going to bed. Nothing too exciting, but I didn't invite him over that night because I made plans to meet up with Bryan and Tony the next day. So I go to bed early to get ready for the day to come.

Next day, I have Tony come pick me up at my hotel - the same Tony that stayed over at my apartment for a week and a half. He finally moved out to Florida again. So he and his brother pick me up and we go to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

There I am with Tony, and his brother Matt, clearly not interested in taking a picture with us. Tony is such a cute, good looking, hot guy. too bad he's straight. Oh well... I spend half of the day there at that park with Tony before Bryan gets off of work and comes to the park as well. We all hang out with each other for a bit and at around 6pm or so, I get a text from Jamie asking me: "What's for dinner?" I tell him where ever he'd like to take me and for him to come pick me up at Disney's Hollywood Studios. So at this point, I had to awkwardly tell both Tony and Bryan that I was meeting up with another friend of mine. Tony just kinda left quickly... I'm not sure if he was pissed off or what... Assuming that I'd find Jamie out by the parking lot, I walked to the exit of the the park with Bryan so that I can say goodbye to him there. However, Jamie was standing right at the exit waiting for me. A slightly awkward situation for me -- the two boys I'm trying to get with meet each other.

But I guess the two don't know any better and just assume that they're just normal friends of mine. Perhaps I'm just a really popular boy. :P They actually have a conversation with each other about working at Disney World and all. So another awkward situation that didn't turn out to be too awkward afterall.

So Jamie and I leave and I ask him to take me back to my hotel first so that I can shower and change. I had been sweating all day and it was just gross and didn't want our date to be gross. So he drives me back and when we park, I was glad to see that he packed his little suitcase of clothes, meaning he was definitely staying over for the weekend. :P

Oh I have to show you guys a picture of the hotel I stayed at: Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. The lobby is GORGEOUS. I loved every part of the hotel... my room... my view of the animals from my room... the theme of the hotel... the pool. EVERYTHING. Look at the detail of everything in this picture!

I shower quickly, but I was half hoping that he would've opened the door and jumped in there with me. But I guess I was getting a little ahead of myself. That stuff will come soon enough. ;) So we get back in the car and he drives me to the same sushi place that we went to the last time I went to Florida to visit him. The sushi was AMAZING, of course. But the company was even better. We just sat and talked. I don't remember any awkward silent moments. I think it helps that Jamie likes to talk and that I like to listen.

After the yummy sushi, we drive for a little bit just for kicks and then head back to the hotel room. We decide that we want to go out to the pool for a swim, perhaps go relax in the jacuzzi. We get there and both jacuzzis were taken.. so we just played around in the pool for a while. It was late so the pool was a bit empty, so I got a bit courageous and got pretty close to him on several occasions. He looked so cute with his hair wet, half his body in the water.. It was just a good time spent together. We went back to check on the jacuzzis and they were finally open. The water was SOOO hot. But we get in anyway. We just talked about everything... work.. school.. Disney. I loved every part of it. And of course, we got even closer at the jacuzzi.. but of course not too close, since we WERE in the public at a Disney hotel. We finally can't take it anymore so we go back to the hotel room.

We sit on the bed together and watch some tv. After a bit of that, I couldn't hold it in any longer and just leaned over for a kiss. That kiss turned into a really long make out session. We then take each other's clothes off...

Ok, this post has gotten long enough.. and I'm only on Day 2. I think I better split these posts up. HEHE. Such a tease huh? I'm just getting tired and I want to be awake to write the sexy, steamy parts. I promise not to put this off. :)


Aek said...


You better blog again soon. And also show us pics of how your P90X workout is coming along. :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time (and this is only up to day 2). By the way, the hotel looks grgeous!