Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving Again

I'm moving into a new apartment... again. But it's really not that bad of a move. I'm moving within the same apartment building... again. After I move into this new one, I will have lived in 4 different apartments within the same building. HAHA. I just keep moving around.

I actually get the keys to the new place in the morning, but my official big move day is Saturday. Jason's going to be helping me move. :) He also secured me some empty boxes that he found at work and is bringing them to me tomorrow. He's so thoughtful. :P I think he's just finding an excuse to come over so that he can have his way with me though.

I'm going to miss my current apartment. It's a studio, so I live by myself. But in the new one, it's a 2 bedroom and I'll have a roommate. I'm going to get along fine with her (yes, I'm living with a girl) but I'm just going to really miss living alone. It'll definitely be a tough adjustment. But we'll have our own separate rooms, so I can always lock myself in my own room if I need to. And I'm hoping that I'll be locking both me and Jason in there quite a lot! :)

I want to talk more about Jason, but I'm really tired now. And I just wanted to give an update on my life because it seems like I never have time to blog anymore. I used to blog every day... what happened to that? Sigh.


Aek said...

So why're you moving again? And in the same apartment complex? Huh? o_O?

Btw, I haven't seen you online in FOREVER.

Alex C. said...

I live alone now as well and sometimes miss having a roommate, but I am wayyyyyyyyy too lazy to move.


dannie said...

wow...seems like you like to move around a lot within the same complex. i think jason's trying to earn brownie points.

Godfrey said...

it's definitely different going from living on your own to a roommate. i went from living alone to living with 4 other people. it's kinda nice having someone else around all the time. but there are definitely perks to living alone as well. and of course i mean you can moan louder when you have sex. ;) hahaha. j/k. really it's just nice having a place that's totally your own.

glad you're checkin in. :) looking forward to hearing more on jason and how that's going. sounds like things are running smoothly.