Friday, July 10, 2009

Might As Well Update

I wrote a reply to the comments from my last blog, and I thought I'd just write a post about it since it's kind of important and not everyone looks at the comments.

So I've had a few comments from concerned readers about me being fuck buddies with Jason and how, in the end, I'm going to end up being hurt if I'm not careful. I fully appreciate their comments and I want to thank you guys for caring about me and looking out for me. And because of your comments, I know I will be careful. But, I've decided to go along with the sex. Here is what I wrote back to the comments:
@ HCI, Godfrey, and Aek: thank you for being concered about me. I really appreciate it. I've taken your advice into consideration, but... I've decided to be fuck buddies with him. As Anonymous points out, I do like that he was honest about it and that he cared enough to not hurt me like his previous relationship had hurt him. Now that I know how he feels, I am confident I can draw that line myself and not get extremely attached. Obviously I'm keeping my options open with other guys.
In other news, I've already bought the "Commando" underwear from Aussiebum and they're on their way! However, I'm not going to be getting him the blank DVDs. I was over at his place last night (I'll talk about that in a sec...) and I asked him about his DVDs. Well, he started to burn a few and he took out his giant tower of DVDs that he has. So, I feel like he wouldn't like it as much. I'm sure he would appreciate it still.. but I want him to like it. So, I've decided on something else. But let me talk about last night first because it goes into what I'm going to get him.

So after our talk about not wanting to date, being fuck buddies, etc... we still decided to go on our dinner and a movie "date"... we moved it to last night instead of Saturday afternoon. And I guess I had a better time at this "date" than a real date because I felt less pressure. I could just be myself. And we both paid for ourselves (although he did pay for the tips for me since I paid with cash and he paid with card.. I was going to add more cash for tips, but he told me not to worry about it). Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself though.... anyway... So I got off of school and I picked him up at his house. We went to this place called Maggiano's, a really nice Italian restaurant with GIANT portions. We both ordered a full size plate of pasta and OMG it was HUGE! Sooo much pasta! but OH so yummy.

Anyway, during our dinner, we talked about a lot of different things. He talked about his childhood and his problems growing up. He comes from a really poor family and he had to cope with several learning handicaps too. But he was able to move out to Southern California and find himself a job and support himself. He still takes care of his mom, sending her money every month. It's very sweet of him. We talked about our favorite foods and we talked about desserts that we like. And then he says he LOVES all kind of ice cream, and he's recently discovered and started liking Green Tea ice cream... LIGHTBULB! Green Tea ice cream is a little rare, and can't be found everywhere. BUT I have an Asian supermarket that I go to that I KNOW will have it.

So for his birthday, I'm getting him a nice birthday card, the matching Aussiebum underwear, and GREEN TEA ICE CREAM! mmmm yummy! hehe. I think it's going to be a good gift and I really hope he likes it. What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, after dinner, we saw Transformers 2. I liked it. LONG, but I liked it for the most part. We both enjoyed it. Then we drove back to his house, and I stayed over for the night. Being fuck buddies,... we fucked. LOL. And oh it's so freaking good. I came a total of 3 times before I left his place. We're both just super horny all the time and horny for each other, which is a big reason why I've decided on our unique relationship. I do think having this friendship benefits the both of us: he needs more gay friends, and I need more non-work friends. He's pretty much my only non-work friend that I want to hang out with, and I'm his only gay friend that he wants to hang out with. So for now it works out nice.

And one last thing.. and congrats to those who read through this whole post and got here.. a few of you have asked about my P90X progress so I decided to take a few pictures for you ;) Here's my best frame. hehe. Comments on my progress (that will boost my ego) are greatly appreciated ;)


Anonymous said...

Your forearms are making me lust, they're freaking hot!!

I need to go to the gym now...

torchy! said...

if you and Jason can keep at the same level of involvement as each other, whatever level that is, i can only see your relationship as being a whole lot of fun!

as for the photo: OMFG. that's practically porn ffs! :P

made my put my chocolate cookie back in the tin.


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

hey doug. glad you're not feeling the pressure and just having fun with this guy. he does sound like a pretty great person so far. :) i honestly don't think i'd want to give up the fucking part either, lol. definitely keep us in the loop man. always enjoy reading your blog. oh, and the progress looks amazing. with that hot bod, i think it may be time to put up a new xtube vid. maybe you can get jason to help you with that. ;)

goleftatthefork said...

holy crap it works - did you post a "before" picture? I can't remember - I might get those damn dvds tomorrow

Bruce said...

I agree with Godfrey, it's time for a new xtube vid, maybe something including Jason. Oh and BTW, the bod looks HOT!!!

Aek said...

Wow, you're body was honestly pretty good before, but those results are just amazing!

And you came 3 times in one session, WOW. It's hard enough to wank 3 times in succession and cum, lol. I'm impressed. XD

If you think things will work out for the best between you and Jason this way, more power to ya. And green tea ice cream is quite a novel birthday gift - just make sure it doesn't melt on the way!!

Xtremeforce said...

DAMN DAMN DAMN on the photo. You look HOT. Post a before and after.

On to the fuck buddy. It's great to have a fuck buddy I LOVED it. When both want the same thing then it's great but, in this case he just wants to fuck and you want to fuck. The differenceis you want something more with that fuck. So I bet your thinking that possibly if we hang out with each other he will see how great I am and maybe he will think I am boyfriend material. There is nothing with thinking like that but what happens if it doesn't and he meets someone that he does want more from and he has to stop being fuck buddies with you? You'll get depressed and think what is wrong with me. You get the idea. So please be careful. As long as you don't get totally emotionally involved and you know it's just fuck buddies then have at it.


S said...

As long as your honest to each other and yourselves, fuck away and enjoy. lol.

That's what P90X does?!?! Time to bust out the Ab ripper X...