Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ask a Blogger #5

A fun little blogging game made up by my buddy AJ @ AJ's Ramblings. Here are the rules:

1. Blogger 1 posts a question on their blog.
2. The first person to comment on said Blogger's post needs to direct readers to their blog, and then becomes Blogger 2.
3. Blogger 2 answers Blogger 1's question on his/her own blog (so Blogger 2's blog).
4. Blogger 2 posts a question on his/her blog.
5. And then the new Blogger repeats step 1-4.

So AJ's question was: "When/how did you know you were gay/bi/whatever?"

My answer: Wow... this is a tough question to answer. I mean, it definitely wasn't like one day I just KNEW. But I guess it definitely all started back when I found the Spice channels on our cable box. We had the illegal black box that got all the pay-per-view channels. And at night, there would be softcore porn. :P So I began watching that, but after a while, I found myself watching the guys. And then we got the internet, and I started surfing for porn on there. At first, it was just straight porn. But again, I found myself really intrigued by the male body. And then after a while, I started searching for gay porn. I distinctly remember downloading 5 second clips of gay porn and having it play over and over on repeat. LOL.

So I knew I liked boys early on, but I kept telling myself that I liked girls too, even though I never really cared for straight porn too much. I would still get aroused by straight porn... I wasn't, and still am not, disgusted at the sight of a naked woman like some gays do. So I just kept telling myself that I was bi. But after I broke up with my girlfriend, and I had my first sexual experience with a boy (re: Jamie), I knew that I was definitely gay. And it was then that I accepted that I was gay.


Well, I guess it's time for my question. It's sorta lame.. I'm horrible at coming up with questions.
"What's the most number of times you've jerked off in one day, and why were you so damn horny that you had to jerk off that many times!?"

And to recap the rules, I'm Blogger #5, which means whoever comments first will become Blogger #6. And remember, don't comment with your answer to my question... Save the answer for your own blog post. :)


Mr. HCI said...

OK, me next then: Castoffs

Aek said...

DAMN IT!! I wanted this question. I guess I have to go to Mr. HCI's blog to see what he poses. :P

Mr. HCI said...