Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hong Kong

I'm having a great time here in Hong Kong. I've gotten some business taken care of regarding my identification card in Macao (a neighboring city-state of Hong Kong) and will be doing the same for Hong Kong tomorrow. Since my parents were born in Macao, I am eligible for a special "Residents Card" that allows for easier entry into Macao. And since I was born in Hong Kong, I'm eligible for Hong Kong's special "Residents Card." So after I receive these cards, I'll probably make trips to Hong Kong more often since it'll be convenient. :) And plus I have lots of relatives here in Hong Kong and Macao.

So, I've seriously eaten SOOO much in my 3 days here. Macao and Hong Kong have little restaurants EVERYWHERE. Every street has some sort of restaurant. And they're little hole-in-the-wall style shops. And there's ALL different kinds of foods. I've eaten a different style of Chinese food every day. I've even gotten some Portuguese food as well! But surprisingly, I'm not any fatter than before. Must be all the walking that we do.

Two days from now, we're heading to Hong Kong Disneyland. I get to go for free, so why not?! And I get to take 3 family members with me too! There's not much to do at this Disneyland, but I'm excited to see the shows and just see a new Disneyland. I'll be taking loads of pictures -- living up to the Asian Tourist stereotype! :P

Speaking of pictures, I don't really have time to upload any pictures now. Plus I need to take some time to "Anonymous-ize" my pictures. (Like my new word?) But I promise to post pictures once I get back to the comfort of my own home in the States.

More updates soon! Hope everyone is doing well!


Anonymous said...

put up pics of the food. i enjoy food pics. lol.

"twized" - something that happens to a person visiting disneyland.

naturgesetz said...

Yeah, food pics.

My kid brother has developed the habit of taking a picture of every meal he eats. (If he's poisoned, they'll be able to tell what did it. lol) And he's not even Asian, although he lives in Japan.

Keep on enjoying.

Aek said...

I second Razz, take pics of the delicious food. ^_^ Hole-in-the-wall places are great!! :D

I told you all the walking you'd be doing would offset the amount of food you eat!!

Btw, I think there was a typo . . . your parents were born in Hong Kong and got a Macao "residents card?" Or were they born in Macao, and thus get a Macao residents card? o.O

E said...

I wanna see the food too. I hope it's not considered rude to take pics of the meals before you eat. :*

I thought the same thing AEK. I figured he meant that the duality stems from his parents being born in Macao.

Doug said...

Ah thanks for catching my typo guys! Yes, you guys are correct. What I meant to say is that my parents were born in MACAO, which makes me eligible for the card in Macao.

And YES! I took pictures of (almost) all my meals! So I'll be posting those for sure!! I'll make a big "food" post when I get back to the States!

Thanks for still reading while I'm away! ;)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Razz's blog? Boo Hoo

naturgesetz said...

Razz decided a week or two ago to stop blogging. He deleted all the posts and left a short explanation along with a very attractive picture. He indicated that he needed time away from blogging to concentrate on other aspects of his life (without giving specifics, as I recall. Nobody could reasonably complain, even though we're gutted.

Now even the farewell post has been removed.

I hope he'll be back some time. I'd love to hear how he's doing.