Monday, February 9, 2009

A Chat With Jamie

Saturday night, and going into Sunday morning, I had a chat with Jamie.... yes, THAT Jamie. We chatted for a good 2 hours. We asked how each other were and talked about our jobs. And then he asked whether I was dating or not. I told him that I had been sort of seeing a boy but things are over now... explained that he was too young and immature. He then told me that the boy he was seeing at the time that I had visited him back in September was also too young and immature for him, and that's why he broke it off with him. Then the conversation somehow got to our first time together and when we had sex... how nervous we both were and everything. We both agreed that it would've been a much better experience if we had both relaxed a bit more.

Here's the kicker... he then tells me that after our little date that night in Orlando in September, he wanted to come into my hotel room and do it "the right way," as he put it. Just under the circumstances (him seeing that boy at the time), it just didn't seem right. I always wondered what he thought of me and our date after that night. As I blogged, I was just dropped off at my hotel after our date and left to walk up to my room alone. I regretted not asking him to come up to the room at that time, and now I REALLY do wonder what he would've said if I did ask! LOL.

But I guess it's just a nice ego-boost right now to know that he did enjoy my company and still wants to do dirty things to me :P And, not gonna lie, I'd love it if we could get together again. I just know that we have many things in common, we're attracted to each other, I'm really comfortable being around him, and we have a good time together.

I'm thinking about planning another trip out to Orlando again... Blah, is that stupid of me??


E.S. said...

Orlando's pretty fun to visit. And hey, you only live once. If not going is going to make you continuously question or potentially regret your decision, I'd say go for it.

E said...

Let me read some of this backstory on Jamie before I make a judgement on him.

Just could not pass up this verification...

"Valatio"....I wish I could get some valatio!

jay.osa said...

you will never know unless you take a chance...

exalen said...

Just Do It!

Anonymous said... advice. Personally, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't. But I'm not you. Nor am I in your shoes.

Mr. HCI said...

My advice:

Long distance relationships are tough and you're on completely opposite sides of a big country.

I'm not saying don't consider pursuing it further. I'm saying you need to carefully consider the ramifications. Do you want a relationship with Jamie or a long-distance fuck buddy?

You seem to me to be more relationship-oriented, so visiting again and starting something could ultimately be very painful, due to the distance. On the other hand, visiting again and doing the nasty but not making a committment to a relationship might also be painful.

Aek said...

I agree with Mr. HCI. It's up to you to decide what you want out of this relationship, but long-distance is going to really take its toll on the both of you.

Whatever you choose, proceed with caution and I wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Orlando has Disney World. You've been there, done that.

Your next rendezvous should be in France at Disney Monde! Might as well check out all the Houses with the Mouses.

Doug said...

E.S., jay.osa: I had a similar situation with Jamie last September, where I had to make a decision of whether to go to Florida or not. I ultimately made the decision to go.. masked behind the excuse that I was going to visit my other friends. I think I made a good decision last time... still trying to make the decision for this time.

exalen: HAHA, easier said than done!

MrHCI: I do think I am relationship-oriented but I also do know that a long distance relationship with Jamie is not possible. And going to Florida would really just for "fun." Thus, I'm really going to have find another excuse other than just to see him in order to make the trip worth the money to fly there... Disney World IS a pretty good excuse, right? heh.

WetKyle: I LOVE that idea! And I have friends in Paris that I need to visit any way! LOL.