Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MacBook Battery

Hey, remember that one post back in November where I asked for a MacBook battery? Well, I need it more than ever. Back then, my MacBook battery had significantly deteriorated and could only hold a charge of about 30 minutes. Well, fast forward to February 2009, my MacBook battery does not hold ANY charge whatsoever anymore. Which means each time I accidentally unplug the AC cord from the computer, the whole thing shuts off... :(

And if you're familiar with the new Mac computers, they're all equipped with the MagSafe Power Adapter (Fig. 1). The power cord uses a magnet to connect to the computer so that if you accidentally trip over the cord, it will safely rip away from the computer without taking the whole computer down. Well, this has become a problem because it's EASY for it to just get ripped away... and I find myself doing something important and WHOOPS I rip it out and lose everything.

Fig. 1

What's even more annoying than losing important documents is having the computer shut off while in the middle of watching porn! ARGH!


Hish said...

What if you were working on an important document WHILE watching porn on the side? That'd be a bona fide crisis!

Aek said...

I agree with Hish. I passively watch porn while working on important documents all the time (not really, but I could :P). At least porn won't go anywhere, you can just get back to it. But if an important document goes, then you have to work to get it all back. So I think losing an important document is worse . . . but maybe that's just me.

Doug said...

LOL. Both situations are horrible. Which is why I went to eBay and bought a battery. If I went to Apple to buy it, it would've been $116 (with my Education discount). But I found it on eBay for $68. A good 45% off. And I was careful to go through the seller's feedback. And it seems as though he sells LOADS of these MacBook batteries, with all the buyers satisfied with them. SOOO, I think this is the best route right now since I'm still tight on money. I'm just excited not to lose important docs and have uninterrupted porn watching again!!