Saturday, August 22, 2009

Food Poisoning

You know what? Throwing up is a really good ab workout.

Disclaimer: Apparently, I'm too graphic in my "blow-by-blow" account ... so read at your own rise. HAHA.

Thursday night at work, I got a carne asada quesadilla from the "Roach Coach" (portable restaurants in a van). I ate it, and it tasted good going down. But as the night went on, my stomach didn't feel all so well. I got off work around 12:30am, and when I got home, I REALLY didn't feel well. I immediately went to the bathroom and threw up... a lot. It was gross... I threw up so much. And I felt a lot better throwing up. So I cleaned up and took a shower.

But as I was taking a shower, I got that horrible feeling in my stomach again, and I knew I had to throw up again. So I got out of the shower, bent over the toilet and threw up again. Again, it was a good amount of it. So by this time, I was super tired... so I climbed into bed, hoping that sleep would make it better.

Of course, it didn't. I woke up every 30 minutes or so with the feeling in my stomach and I threw up each time. And this went on until 6am, when I finally called my friend Zack (after calling Jon 10 times and he didn't pick up) asking him to take me to Urgent Care. He came and picked me up right away (he lives a block away from me) and we drove to Urgent Care, which was CLOSED. argh... So by this point, I was nauseous again and had to step out of the car to throw up again. He called his mom to see what I should do. She just said that Urgent Care or the ER wouldn't be able to help much. Perhaps just get some ginger ale or clear soda and some crackers.

So he dropped me off at home so I could throw up again and then he went to the store and picked up some stuff for me. I was hesitant to drink the clear soda because the water that I had drank a few hours ago just came right back up. But I tried it anyway because the bubbly is supposed to help. So I drank it, and it kept it down, and it actually stopped my nausea. So I actually got to get some rest. I slept on the couch from 8am to 1pm.

My roommate Kelley came home from work at 1pm. She made me a glass of Gatorade, which is supposed to help with dehydration. So I drank some of that. Jen came over a little bit later to just hang out and help out with whatever I needed. We watched some TV until about 5pm, when she left. But by that time, I got a little nauseous again. So for the last time, I threw up the Gatorade that I had drank. What was supposed to help me actually made me throw up again. BLAH.

I took a shower after that, and then went to bed because I was just super exhausted. That was around 8pm. I didn't wake up again until 4am, which is right now. I'm probably going to go back to sleep again soon. I'm definitely not going in to work. I won't work again until I'm back from Hawaii. I need the rest so that I can be back to normal for my vacation!

But yeah, this food poisoning is giving me some good abs for Hawaii. And now I'm gonna be super skinny too. ;) (I'm not really being serious here.. so don't yell at me. I'm not bulimic.)


torchy! said...

hey, um, thanks for the blow-by-blow account. ewww. lol

really sorry you've been so bad. i'm sure it'll be out of your system soon so you can concentrate on showing off your extra-toned physique in hawaii :P

look after yourself
*delicate hug and a cool flannel*

AJCon89 said...

been there... done that... it sucks.

feel better buddy.

Lov ya.


Doug said...

@torchy: was I being too detailed with it all? oops!

@AJ: I miss you buddy! hope you're doing well. Love you too!

Aek said...

Eek! That sucks. :(

It's weird that urgent care was closed, unless it's generally not open 24/7 (which it might not be, I don't know).

Rest up man, hope you feel extra better soon. :)

dannie said...

you're so detailed, i don't think i want to eat anymore.

Doug said...

Aek: Yeah, Urgent Care opened at 8am.. I was there at 7am. :( But I guess it worked out better because it was only $5 for soda and ginger ale whereas it would've been $50 co-pay at Urgent Care.

Dannie: Sorry for being too detailed. lol. I put a disclaimer up for future readers.

Godfrey said...

I just ordered super cheap mexican from a place I've never eaten before. my stomach is going nuts! next time i think i'll pay the extra couple bucks and spring for italian. ugh... :(

hope you're feeling better now. hopefully we'll see some pics of those abs in hawaii? :D