Monday, August 24, 2009

Hawai'i -- Here I Come!

Only a few hours until I board the plane! I've made the decision NOT to bring my computer with me on vacation because I feel like I shouldn't need to be on it while I'm there. Afterall, I have my iPhone and that should be enough.

So I'm going to try and blog while I'm there, give minor updates on things. I'll definitely Tweet while there, so keep an eye on the TwitterFeed on the right sidebar or subscribe to me! (NyteDragon)

But warning about the blogs from Hawai'i.. I'm going to be sending them to Blogger through email and sometimes the formatting is all screwed up -- so bear with it until I can get onto a real computer to re-format it, if that problem should arise.

And now, I am going to try and fall back asleep after being awake for an hour because my whole right side of my body is shaky from drinking iced tea right befre I slept... really smart move, I know... But I got a nice little Twitter conversation with Torchy! out of it. :P


Pilgrim said...

And who cares? Propz Pilgrim

torchy! said...

well i care, for one :) it was nice to have a tweetvosation with you (made up word. lol). hope i helped you out (well, my suggestion anyways)

hope you have a totally awesome time in hawaii, showing off your aussiebums to the max :P those lucky ppl ;)

i can recommend the iphone app blogpress - i used it all the time on my holiday and since - it's really easy to use and it lets you embed pics from your iphone too.

have fun

Fer said...

Have a nice flight, a great trip and safe nights, that´s about the best I can wish for you, do take pics and share them, have a wonderful, hard earned time off :)

All the best

Aek said...

I second what Fer said. Have a nice flight, have a safe trip, have a ton of fun, and take pics!! :D

dannie said...

have a safe flight and fun time in hawai'i

Dean Grey said...


Have a great time in Hawaii!

Make sure to take a whole bunch of pictures of the scenery and post them here when you return!

Malama pono!