Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Desktop Picture

Saw this over at Torchy!. He posted a pic of his desktop pic, as a request from Rapha. I thought it'd be cool to show you my desktop because I LOVE this picture.

This was taken in front of the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Vegas. It's actually two pictures spliced together on Photoshop. It just looks awesome, doesn't it? Only problem is my pose.. I look like I'm about to take a dump or something. Very unattractive. Oh well... everyone else looks amazing. HEHE.


torchy! said...

awesome pic Doug. thanks for taking part in this. and guess what - i've got a shed load of pics taken in exactly the same place. not sure any of mine are gonna be good enough to make a montage like yours though.

good job
take care

Aek said...

Nice pic. :)

Which one are you? 4th from left (3rd from right)?

Godfrey said...

pretty easy to spot the well dressed guy who looks like hes been workin out. ;)