Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Ends --- ALMOST!!

I had my last class ever! Classes are finally over! No more boring lectures and sitting through presentation after presentation of utter uselessness!! SO HAPPY!!

Now I just need to write this stupid paper. It's a 2000+ word paper that's due on Sunday. But I definitely want to finish it tonight or tomorrow night. Definitely no later than tomorrow night because I don't want to be thinking about school anymore while I'm packing for HAWAII! So while I should be writing the paper, I'm writing this blog entry. HAHA. As you can tell, I'm a really good procrastinator.

By the way, does anyone actually use the little check boxes at the bottom of each blog entry? The ones that says "LOL" "Hot!" and "Interesting"... Would you use them more often if I changed to say something else?


torchy! said...

good luckwith all that Doug.

re the reaction comments: i wanted them but can't get them with my template.

but lately i've come round to thinking that maybe they're an opt out for ppl who might otherwise comment.

having said that, i normally don't even notice them, and as i read all my posts in a reader, i only visit the blog itself if i'm going to comment anyway.


Aek said...

Hurray for being done!! :D Though, there are some classes I truly wish wouldn't end (but those tend to be few and far between). :-/

I do use those little checkbox thingies from time to time, but sometimes I forget.

Dean Grey said...

Congrats Doug!!