Wednesday, August 19, 2009

iChat: Video Chat

As you may or may not know, I use a Mac computer. In fact, it's a MacBook.. one of the white ones. I'm a big Mac enthusiast. I won't go as far to say that I'm a Mac Fanboy, but I will say that I really enjoy Mac hardware and software and fully support them. I have a MacBook, a MacMini, an iPhone, an iPod Mini, and a 3rd Gen iPod. There's also an old Powerbook and an old iBook with a cracked screen that are living on the top shelf of my closet... So yea, I really like Macs.

One of the applications on my Mac that I have on ALL the time is iChat. It's basically AIM, but for the Mac. I use my AIM account on it. But it gives me other capabilities like a very reliable audio or video chat and screen sharing. I put one of those features to good use tonight. :P

It first started with me taking a few pictures of myself in my new Aussiebum swimwear. :) They're black square cuts.... very short. hehe. Jason isn't feel well so I decided to send him the pic to make him feel better. He loved it, which made him a bit horny, which made ME horny. So I asked if jacking off for him would make him feel even better. He said "hell yes!"

I won't go into details, but I put on a nice show for him. He was just talking into the camera. I didn't have him join me because I know he wasn't feeling well enough. But I could see him reach down to play with himself a little during my show. ;) I loved every minute of it too. It was definitely fun.

But it was the chatting afterwards that I really liked. We just stayed on video chat with each other and just talked. He had some shirts to iron and I had some researching for my paper. So we both stayed on the computer and talked about our day and other random things. I enjoy my conversations with him. And he's just so damn cute. His face, his expressions, the way he talks.. all so adorable.

I'm really glad that I found Jason. I know we're not committed to each other in anyway, but I definitely know that I'm comfortable with him and I can tell he's comfortable with me. And for now, that's all that matters. I hope he'll stay in my life in one form or another for a long time. :)


torchy! said...

like i said before - these pics of you are practially p0rn!!!

wish i hadn't looked now. i'm in the middle of a crowded shopping centre.

lucky Jason

Aek said...

Sounds like both you and Jason are having a great time together, AND apart. ;-)