Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Boy

The day after I blog about having to write about mundane things... I'm writing about another boy that I've been talking to. Ha. I guess there's never a lack of drama in my life.

So I've been noticing this Cute Boy at work for a while now. Probably a good 2-3 months. But always been from a far. I've never talked to him before. But every time I see him, I always am mesmerized by his good looks.

Well, about 3 weeks ago, I went to Las Vegas with my friends. And I took a few pics of me in my skimpy swimsuit and I posted them on my Facebook as my default pic. :P Well, the day after that pic went up, I get a Friend Request from Cute Boy. I'd really like to think that he noticed me because of my pic ;) (He's friends with some other of my co-workers, which is why he could see my pic)

Well, we've been casually chatting online, which then went to texting. And we've definitely been flirting with each other, and recently the conversations have been pretty sexual. But today, the conversation got a little more serious. And without giving you all the details, the topic went to relationships. And my instinct in response was to tell him that I wasn't looking for a serious relationship right now. But I wouldn't mind hanging out and then have a little sex. And he agreed with all that.

But is any of this ringing a bell to you guys? Argh... Everything I said to Cute Boy is what Jason said to me. What made me say them? And whatever that reason is, would that be the same reasons for Jason? Am I denying Cute Boy a relationship because I am holding out for Jason? Or am I just simply scared to enter into a relationship? But then again, I feel like I would be ready for a relationship with Jason. So why am I not ready with Cute Boy?

So many questions and it's really frustrating... Frustrating that I could be potentially letting a good relationship with Cute Boy go and frustrating that Jason isn't ready for a relationship. FML.


Anonymous said...

It won't be bad to date Cute Boy. I mean, he might be someone you could be interested in and you're letting him go.

PS. I found your blog through somewhere else and I haven't read any previous post yet.

torchy! said...

like i'm qualified to give advice or anything, but you've told him up front you're not ready for a relationship, so now meet up/hang out/have sex whatever; go with the flow and see what happens.

don't lead him on (you've told him, so that base is covered), but don't also deny yourself the chance for something special which it could lead into.

good luck; have fun

Anonymous said...

I agree with Torchy. If you can't love the want, love the one you're with. Or at least have sex with him.

Godfrey said...

yeah, just be upfront with him that you're not totally ready to commit to something just yet. see where it goes. if you like him more than jason, you and jason can always stay friends. you're not tied down to jason and as long as you don't see what else is out there, you'll always be wanting more with him. and see, you always have stuff to write about... ;)

dannie said...

you've already been upfront with him. just see where things go...don't wait up for anyone, and move on to something new and fresh :]

PR8 said...

Because the one you really love is Jason but not Cute Boy!