Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well my lunch date with Justin went exceptionally well. :)

We met for lunch at a Japanese restaurant that I had never been before but I trusted his choice because 1) he's a self-proclaimed picky eater so it must be good and 2) I love Japanese food no matter what. I got there early so I got a table and waited for him. After looking at the menu for a bit, he walked in and sat down. Was I supposed to stand up and hug him? I never know what to do in that situation... He let me know his recommendations on the menu and it sounded real good. So I got a lunch combination that was fairly cheap, so I was happy. We proceeded to just chat about different things. I was happy that there were no awkward silences. I've expressed many times on here that my big fear on a date is having awkward silences... so I'm VERY happy that there were none of those.

After lunch was over, there was still time before I had to go to work so he suggested we walk around the area a little. I took that as a good sign that he wanted to spend more time with me. :) We walked around a bit and saw that there was a big Halloween store and we both decided we wanted to check it out. We just walked around the store having a great time making fun of the costumes they sell nowadays. We said that they might as well rename Halloween as Slutty Day. Oh and I actually found a pair of costume chaps that would work well for my "Sexy Biker Dude" costume, but they were a bit big. They were one-size-fits-all, which meant way too big... I'll have to think about it and see if I can adjust/alter them somehow. After the Halloween store, we also walked into Cost Plus World Market where I bought some Sour Cola Bottle Candies that I hadn't been able to find ANYWHERE else! Such an awesome find!!

After that, it was time for me to go to work. He genuinely seemed sad that it was time for me to go to work and told me he had a good time and that we should do this again soon. We parted ways at the parking structure and I walked back to my car with big smile on my face. :)

After work, I planned a Lost marathon with my friends where we would watch multiple episodes of Lost Season 2. We decided on ordering Thai food, because it sounded so good to all of us. I was texting Justin about this and invited him over for some Thai food if he wouldn't mind watching Lost with us. We had discussed this while at Cost Plus but he said he had never watched Lost. So to my surprise, he agreed to come! Of course I was excited that he wanted to spend more time with me.

While he was heading over, I actually started chatting with Bryan (Justin and my mutual friend) online and he let me know that Justin had told him that he had a great time on the date. It was really cool to get insider information like this. hehe. I told him about him coming over to have Thai food and watch Lost and he said that it was a definitely a good sign that he would want to come over. He just told me to be confident in myself with him and that we are both good guys and that he approves. :)

So Justin came over and I introduced him to my friends. I have a couch that fits three and then a chaise lounge that fits one. My two other friends that were there are an item so I let them sit on one side of the couch together while I sat on the other side of the couch and Justin on the chaise. I would've much rather tried to cuddle up with Justin, but that wasn't going to be possible. Oh Justin was a trooper.. he stuck through 5 episodes of Lost before my friends called it quits for the night. He watched the first 5 episodes of Season 2 without having watched any of Season 1 before. He must've been utterly confused.

After my friends left, he also said he was going to head out but he let my friends leave first so we could chat a little more. Somehow the chatting led to Family Guy and how he didn't watch the episode where Stewie built a device that transported him and Brian to different universes and one of them being where everything is drawn in the style of Disney cartoons. So I told him I could bring it up on my laptop in my room. Unfortunately, there was only a twin bed where we could both sit on *wink wink* so we had to sit pretty close to each other on the bed.

After what happened with Jon and how we watched TV on my bed and didn't even touch, I decided I was not going to make the same mistake. I purposely placed my hand close to his hand on several occasions to see what he would do. He didn't pull away. And finally I just let my fingers touch his, and he responded by wrapping his fingers around mine. Soon after, we were holding hands and caressing each other's fingers... all the while watching a hilarious episode of Family Guy. LOL.

Family Guy was way too short and the episode ended only after a few minutes of hand holding, so I suggested we watch some SNL clips on Hulu which he had told me about earlier in the day. So we ended up searching for several Kristin Weig clips that were hilarious (Penelope Traffic School, Penelope Therapy, Gilly, Lawrence Welk Show). We laughed soooo hard together. It was great that we had the same sense of humor.

By this time, we had moved on from just hand holding to full on cuddle with hands running through hair and hands caressing chests. So when we exhausted our Hulu videos, we were so ready to just make out. He had really soft lips and he was a gentle kisser. He was the first to initiate tongue and while he was slightly more forceful with the tongue, it wasn't to the point where I didn't like it (i.e. Slobberfest from Hawaii). At this point, we were groping each other everywhere; we just couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Pretty soon, both our hands went south and we could feel each other's hard-ons. It seemed he was waiting for my cue because he wouldn't brush up against my dick until I had done so. He didn't grab my ass I had grabbed his ass. So I just went for it and unzipped his pants and he did the same with me. We were still passionately kissing during this whole time as we jacked each other off. As we got close, he climbed on top of me and grabbed both our dicks in his hands and jacked us off together. We came at the same time; it was soooo hot.

We cleaned ourselves off and then went to bed together in my teeny tiny bed. We were still half naked and his body heat kept me warm while it rained outside. So nice to have someone to cuddle up with at night. At around 1045am, I shot up in bed and thought to myself "FUCK! I forgot to tell him to move his car." Just like how I got a parking ticket for parking downstairs, Justin was surely going to get a ticket for parking overnight. But I didn't say anything because at this point, he had his hands on my leg and was brushing his hands dangerously close to my growing bulge. So I just let him keep going because if the parking officer was going to give the ticket, he would've already done so earlier in the day.. so no use telling him at this moment. I'm horrible, I know!! but I'm super horny in the mornings, especially if there's a cute boy sleeping next to me! So after we finished up, I finally told him and I said that I'd pay for his ticket.

We left the apartment to go have a quick lunch before I had to go to work and we checked his car then, and he indeed got a ticket. But he refused to let me pay for his ticket, saying that it wasn't my fault and that he didn't intend on staying the night. I still felt really bad and kept offering while he kept denying it. So when he was leaving, I told him I'd make it up to him somehow. ;)

Throughout the day today, we've continued to chat through texting. I think we definitely hit it off and that there's something there. PLUS, I have insider information from Bryan telling me that Justin really had a great time and that he's really into me. YAY!! Unfortunately there is some bad news to the whole Justin situation, which I guess I'll save for the next blog.... This is a giant blog entry already...


Aek said...

Wow, that was hot. :-P

I hope you see more of Justin (and him of you). ;-)

dannie said...

how cute!!

Captastro said...

Incredible! So happy for you. :D

Hot story, BTW! Whew. lol