Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bad News

So this last week has been pretty eventful and busy. I've already blogged about Justin and our first date/night together. Well, we've actually been together for the past 4 nights. He's come over to hang out and we'd watch tv and cuddle and hold each other. It's really really nice. We also get hot and steamy too ;) but last night we actually just cuddled and went to bed after watching SNL on my TiVo. Felt so good to have someone put their arms around me in the middle of the night and hug me tight. And he does this thing where we'd just be holding hands watching tv and then he'll lean in and give me a kiss on the cheek. So freaking cute!!

Well I mentioned that there's bad news with Justin in my last entry... He's going to be leaving in mid-November. :( He's only here working at Disneyland temporarily and he's going to be going back home to North Carolina in November, down to Disneyworld to work a few weeks during the Holidays, and then he goes abroad to Hong Kong for a semester... It really sucks that I've found someone that has so many ridiculously random things in common with me (i.e. we both LOVE dinosaurs) and he's gonna have to leave in less than a month. I think we're both making the best of the time that we have left... Cuz I'm sure neither of us know what's going to happen when the time comes when he has to leave. We haven't discussed it, cuz we aren't anything official right now... But maybe that's just going to be how it is considering the situation. Being official will just make things harder. Sigh...


Aek said...

Oh sadness! It seemed like you two were really heading somewhere. :-/

Well, at the very least you should stay friends and chat online or something.

dannie said...

at least you know ahead of time, just make the most of it.

Barry said...

One of my favourite lyrics from a song:

Love without pain isn't really romance :o)

OlyQueerKid said...

But I'm prone to agree with Dannie, at least you know now instead of the day before.

As is said over and over: 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

And it's the cliches that help us in times of pain.