Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogging from my iPhone

Just downloaded the new BlogPressLite app and trying it out! If this is a good app, I can see myself using it a lot to blog more!

And here's a text pic:

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torchy! said...

hey Doug, I use blogpress all the time these days, although a lot of times I prepare the text of my post, send it as a draft, then add the pics later from my pc.

so.... according to your tweet, right about now you should be on a date. are you gonna give us live blogging? lol


Doug said...

hey torchy. Do you have blogpress or blogpresslite? I think that's a good idea.. to save it as a draft first and then add pics later if I have pics that I want to share. :)

And yes, I was on a date... but it's over now. But I will be blogging about that very soon. ;) It went well.

torchy! said...

I use blogpress and I've been really pleased with it. I used it for all but one of my posts while I was in the US on vacation, and now I'm spending so much of my time on the train I'm using it a lot now too.

just yesterday evening it started acting up tho, failing tsndsnd drafts thru to blogger which is a bit of a prob for me as I have get all important stuff off my iPhone as it's being checked out this evening.

really glad your date went well :) and forgot to say before that the pic is great.

take care