Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watching Ellen Live!

So I went to a taping of the Ellen show in Los Angeles today. Definitely had a fun time with Miles, Jon, and N. Jon got tickets to the show by checking the Ellen Show's website EVERY day. And when they had tickets available, he pounced on that. So THANKS Jon! Then a few days ago, we used our powers of deduction to find out who the guest will be on the day of our taping. We just figured it would be whoever is listed as the guest for the next day, when it airs on TV. And the guest.... Vanessa Hudgens... sigh. The un-talented star from High School Musical. We were less than thrilled. In fact, N and Miles absolutely HATE her. They had to work with her for a filming of the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Special that aired on ABC two years ago. And she was so incredibly UNPROFESSIONAL and made the filming last way longer than it needed to be. So since then, they've hated her.

But when we got there, we were pleasantly surprised and found out that her show had been previously taped! And our taping was for a future date. Our guest: Kevin Nealon, former SNL cast member and now star of Weeds on Showtime! :) He was a funny guest. Every time he told a joke, we clapped. And my hands started hurting from clapping too much. HAHA. We also got some free stuff.... An ADVIL care package (64 tablets of Advil), Weeds Season 3 DVDs, and a pair of nice in-ear headphones. :) The headphones are REALLY nice, super comfy, and have good sound quality. I'm too lazy right now to go check what brand they are... but I'm not really trying to do a commercial for them anyway.

There were some hot, good looking guys at the filming. Not too many. But a few to look/gawk at. There was one guys with really nice muscles and a hot butt. Wanted to sit near him, but they sat me about 8 rows behind him. Bummer. And then there was this other guy with his, presumably, girlfriend with muscles for days! He was huge! And he wasn't like the chubby muscles.. he was muscle muscles! YUM! Miles was drooling over him. HAHA.

Oh speaking of muscles... Hugh Jackman was the guest for Ellen on yesterday's program. We thought we had missed seeing him by one day, but it turns out his was taped a while ago too. But anyway, I think Hugh Jackman is so hot!

I watched "Wolverine" in the theaters over the weekend and I loved him in it. You know... it wasn't the best movie ever, but I thought it was entertaining. And Ryan Reynolds was way hot in it, so that was another plus.

But anyway, Miles doesn't think Hugh Jackman is hot.... I was shocked to hear him say that! How can he not think he's hot?! What's not hot about him? Good looks. Yummy muscles. Talented actor. Great singer. HOT Aussie accent. Miles is weird sometimes. We definitely have different tastes in men.. but I guess that's good cuz then we'll never fight over guys.

In sort of other news, I had to dress up for the taping of the Ellen show today and I was quite satisfied with how I looked in my outfit. I usually think that I look weird wearing a dress shirt and slacks. I just didn't seem to fit into them even though I was wearing my size. I dunno, hard to explain, but when I look in the mirror, I just felt like I didn't fill out the clothes. Well, today, I actually liked what I saw in the mirror. It MAY have something to do with the P90X exercise program and me gaining more muscles. And that makes me feel more confident about my body. Whatever it is, I liked it and I am happy about it. :)


Aek said...

Wow, on the Ellen show eh? Hurray on the P90X stuff! I haven't seen you on AIM lately. :-/

Zee said...

Ellen? I can't understand why people would watch that.

It does bring me back to when I watched the Daily Show live.

P90X....I think I might have seen an infomercial about that. Does it actually work well?

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

awesome dude. i'm sure you looked great!