Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Beach Gay Pride

Wow what a long but fun day! Woke up at at 8:45am and got dressed quickly. Put on a black tank top and white shorts. And then I decided on a black sleeveless hoodie that I bought from H&M a long time ago but never wore to wear as well. Then I did a few push ups to pump up those muscles even though I should've done more. I grabbed a banana for breakfast and then I was off!

I picked up my friends and then we drove out to Long Beach, making it there just in time for the parade step off. We actually walked along the street where the parade performers/floats so I got to see just how BIG the parade was going to be. We found our friends from Disney who were performing and took a few pictures with them. Wished them luck. Apparently, a few of them were surprised that I was there. My friends later told me that they said something along the lines of, "Oh Doug is FINALLY out!" Haha.

The parade was great. Our friends were amazing in it. And it was just a big festive parade. Lots of trannies of course. Not my cup of tea. But I guess they're entertaining. :P And we got to see Gavin Newsom, the Mayor of San Francisco who is all for gay rights. He's running for Governor in 2010! We ran out into the street and took a picture with him when he came by :)

(left to right) Me, Reggie, Miles, Gavin Newsom, Kevin, and Jon

After standing in the street for over an hour, the parade still wasn't done! So we actually decided to just start walking back. As we walked back towards the "ready" area for the parade, we saw the most glorious thing ever: the boys from RANDYBLUE.COM!!! WOOOO!!! Omg, I like freaked out and started jumping up and down. How ridiculous right? And of course I took a few pictures! My favorites, Xander and Trent, were there. OH SO YUMMY!

So after stopping by Miles' cousin's house for a few drinks (I didn't drink though...), we headed back to the Festival. I walked in and it was almost overwhelming. The amount of people was amazing. And then the amount of good looking people was even more amazing. Lots of guys wearing tanks or just complete shirtless. Thank goodness it was a hot day! Or else I wouldn't have gotten to see as many hot bodies as I did! :P Well, I'm sure the boys would've found some excuse to take their shirts off anyways. HAHA.

We just walked around from booth to booth, checking things out. Of course we bought some drink tickets and just walked around to drink (except for me again... hehe). We eventually stopped by the "" tent. YUMMY boys!! We stopped to talk to one of them. He was really nice and just stayed there to talk to us for a good 5 minutes or so. I unfortunately don't subscribe or download too many of their content so I don't know who he is. For those of you out there that do watch Broke Straight Boys, here's a pic of him:

(left to right) Me, Emmet, Broke Straight Boy, Kevin, Reggie

Ok, so in the picture... the boy in the red, Emmet. ARgh. He was seriously a piece of work. He didn't arrive with us. He too works at Disney, but he came with some other people. Apparently, they just dropped him off with us and then he started hanging out with us the whole time. And I guess they gave him to us for good reason. He was drinking like crazy and he was being a belligerent drunk. I hate that. If you can't control your alcohol, then don't drink that much! He kept taking our stuff and then saying it was his and refused to give it back. He took one of Miles' free porn books, and NOONE messes with Miles' porn. HAHA. I put my hoodie in Kevin's bag, and when it was getting cooler at night, he just took it from Kevin's bag and put my hoodie on. I was like... "um, that's mine." But he refused to hand it over. I was SOO over him. Then we got separated cuz he wandered off like the big drunk he is and we had to just stand there and call him to try and reach him for a good 30 minutes. He finally came back and my friend Scottie unzipped it and ripped it off his body and then we left him. Sooo frustrating!

So I didn't take any pics of random guys at the Festival... I thought that would be a little weird. So I don't have many other pictures to show you guys. Sorry. But trust me, there were a lot of hot guys there. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to make out with me so I didn't reach my goal. But I had a good time nonetheless. Plus I did have a few guys noticeably check me out. So that was nice to see. I checked myself out in the mirror and I had to say that I liked what I was looking at. So that was a good thing. And I'm guessing the boost in confidence made me look just a bit more attractive to other guys. So yay!

The night ended with a live concert by Sara Bareilles. If you guys don't know her, then I'm ashamed of you! HAHA, just kidding. I was chatting with gay+teen+sydney last night and he didn't know who she was so I guess she hasn't gone too international yet. But she's amazing! She started off at UCLA (my alma mater!) and moved on from there to record her own album. She's since become a giant hit in the US, with "Love Song" being her most famous song. Of course she played that song and I recorded the whole thing

It was a short set, but I guess we can't complain because we got a concert from her all included in the $20 admission to the Festival. I LOVED IT! She's seriously soooo amazing live. And it's just so hard nowadays to find artists that can actually sing... that are actually talented. None of that stupid Miley Cyrus crap.

So, LB Gay Pride was a GREAT day and I had so much fun with my friends. I left with about 15 condoms, 2 packs of lube, 1 bottle of Manhunt sunblock (lol), a porno photobook, a free porno DVD, 4 strings of mardi gras beads, a Bud Light bottle opener, a Gavin Newsom sticker, an Equality sticker, and a free pass to Midtowne bathhouse. LOL. The bathhouse pass is the funniest one. Maybe I'll use it someday. HAHA!


Seth said...

Glad you had a great time!

Aek said...

Wow, sounds like you had a TON of fun!! Maybe one day I'll get a chance to go, haha. I like outdoor festivals and events, it's sooo much fun. :D

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time. You look yummy in that sleeveless black hoodie.

Tyler said..., so was broke straight boy actually straight or what?