Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Dream Guy

I had the best dream last night. And I'm trying to remember as much as possible. I'm really not sure how the dream started, but all I know is that I met my dream guy. The dream was all about me and him, going on a date. We made plans to go watch a movie. We walked around the mall and just window shopped, arm in arm. At one point he started singing to me... not in an obnoxious way, but a very sweet, romantic way. And he was a great singer. He made me laugh with his jokes (though I don't remember what those jokes were). And then I remember clearly where we were walking down the street and I just wrapped my arms around him and gave him the biggest hug ever. Soon after, I was woken up by my alarm. I woke up with a smile on my face. :)

The interesting thing is that my dream guy wasn't the most gorgeous, most built guy. He was just a nice looking, tall guy. But I was so happy with him. It's just interesting to me that my subconscious didn't make my dream guy this hot, gorgeous, tanned, blonde, built guy... Instead, he's just an average, good looking, brunette boy.

But I just know that I was so very happy with him and he was so very happy with me. I was sad that I had to wake up, but I really couldn't help but smile thinking about it. Sigh... I just have to hope that one day my dream guy will become a reality.


Jeremy said...

Awwwww :)

I want to have a dream like that!

Too bad you had to wake up though :P


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

you'll find him doug. :) he's out there looking for you too.

Aek said...

Awww, that's cute. :)

Don't you hate it when you wake up before you really want to? And sometimes you try to force yourself back to sleep to finish the dream, or else continue it?

Anonymous said...

I'm tall and not gorgeous. It was me!

Sing? I can't carry a tune in a basket.

I guess it wasn't me.

Seth said...

Sometimes the "dream guy" we are all searching for is not the beautiful hunk of our fantasies, but someone just as special.... at least, so I've heard