Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not So Great Hookup & Happy B-Day

Ok.. so I have no idea what came over me. Maybe I'm just super horny because I haven't been able to jerk off since Tony is staying over. But I don't know WHY I agreed to meet up with this guy. Turns out he wasn't as hot as I thought he was... and it was just an awkward situation. He walked up to my car, we greeted each other. Proceeded to talk about my car (a Prius) and then I said, "Well... I'll see ya." And that was that. YUCK. Sigh... I feel so stupid. And all this right after I dreamed about my Dream Guy... I hope I dream about him tonight. But now that I said that, I won't. BOO.

And I'd like to wish AJ a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Everyone go over to AJ's Ramblings and wish him a great 20th Birthday!


Wet Kyle said...

What's with the car? Was this arranged from an Internet chat?
Probably for the best.

Better to have tried and failed then to do the coulda woulda shoulda game.

Good luck next time.

AJCon89 said...

fail! lol
You should have still just taken the handy... :-P

Thanks for the bday wishes...

Love you buddy!


Jeremy said...

Aw :/

Aek said...

Awww. That's frustrating. Well, there's always jerking off in the shower . . . at least Tony can't disturb you there. ;-)

James said...

Like Aek said, opt for the shower. Random hookups like that carry a level of risk anyways.

Seth said...

So wait... you just like... drove away from him?