Friday, March 6, 2009

The Crush

Argh... the crush... name is Matt... (why is everyone named Matt, btw??)... and he's straight. sigh. Oh well. Still nice to look at. :P

And someone asked who he looks like. Well, I found a picture of Drew Fuller (Charmed, Army Wives) and I think he looks like him.. but more rugged. Drew Fuller is much hotter in Army Wives than Charmed, by the way.

Here's a pic of Drew Fuller:

And by the way, have you guys been to Torchy's blog? His blog makes me laugh. Stop on by, if you haven't been already.


J said...

i hated him on charmed, i was so glad when he turned into a baby. but why does it seem like everyone in blogland is crushing on someone

midoriverdegreen said...

i didnt like him on charmed either, havent watched army wives so maybe hes a better actor now? i hope your crush decides he wants to experiment with you sometime in the near future :)

AJCon89 said...

I think you want to steal my bf... and that is why you are only meeting Matts... lol

You cant steal him... but you can borrow him if you ask real nice... :-P


Doug said...

@J, Midori: He has not gotten better as an actor, but he HAS gotten hotter. I think it's the trimmed hair. ;)

@AJ: yes, I'm totally trying to steal Matt... but it's not working. So I'll take you up on the offer to borrow him. When can I have him for a day?

Anonymous said...

Never seen Charmed or Army Wives. I looks okay, but I'm not drooling.