Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hong Kong (Part 3): Hong Kong Disneyland

I've kind put off posting about Hong Kong Disneyland just because I think you guys might find it boring. I really doubt that any of you share the same excitement about Disney Theme Parks as I do... but I promised, so I'll post. :P

So we took the subway over to Disneyland. It was about a 30 minute subway ride away. A few changes in station. But Disneyland had their OWN trains that took guests over to the Disneyland Resort. You'll see in one of the pictures below that they went all out with the train... Mickey windows, Disney character statuettes inside, Mickey handles... pretty cool. :)

When we got there, we were greeted by a massive fountain that featured Mickey Mouse riding on a surfboard on top of the water blown from the spout of Monstro. Well, I assume it's Monstro, from Pinocchio. But I guess it can just be some random whale... And then other Disney characters (The rest of the Fab 5: Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto) are on the sides as well.

Then it's on to the Main Gates. If you guys have been to Disneyland (California one) before, then you'll recognize the Train Station and the Floral Mickey out front. Also, the castle is an exact replica of Sleeping Beauty Castle found at our Disneyland here. But you can tell this one is from Hong Kong because of the Lantau Mountains in the background.

We first went to "The Festival of the Lion King" which is a stage show in the round, where they tell the story of the Lion King. Really done very well. Some of the singers weren't the best, but overall, the experience was great. Just a very intricate show with awesome floats, costumes, staging, and dancing. :)

Then we were off to the Jungle Cruise. It was pretty special over at Hong Kong Disneyland because it's HUGE. The river that it operates on is GIANT. And there's a special portion that no other Jungle Cruise has, which you will see in this movie:

The rest of the day, we went on rides such as "it's a small world" and "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters." Didn't go on other rides because they're all repeated from other Disney parks. We did sit down and watch the parade, but it really isn't anything that great. So I won't bore you with those pictures. I'm just happy that I work at Disneyland USA where our parades are amazing. ;)

I will, however, share a picture from their other stage show: "Golden Mickeys." It's a borrowed show that originated from the Disney Cruise Lines. Several small changes here and there, but it's basically the same show where a presenter is giving out awards (Golden Mickeys) to different Disney characters, and along the way, of course there's singing and dancing to music from Disney movies. :)

All in all, a very fun day. We did pretty much everything that I wanted to do in the 6 hours that we were there. It's a very small park. And I mean REALLY small. But I got in free.. got my family in free.. so it was worth it. ;) Here are some extra photos of their Main Street (notice no trolley tracks on the ground) and some atmosphere art (a Chinese written character made to look like Mickey).

After leaving Disney, we went back to my aunt's house for a quick dinner, and then it was off to the airport! My mom and I took a late night flight back to LA. So, like I said, a real quick trip. But got a lot of things done and glad I made the trip. :) It was just nice to see all my relatives again.

So yay! I finished my Hong Kong posts! haha. Hope I didn't bore you all with all my Disney goob-iness. :P


Aek said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! Maybe I'll make a point to visit the Disneyland in Hong Kong next time I go (very possibly this summer in June).

Any other sight-seeing suggestions in the Hong Kong area?

naturgesetz said...

That bit of the river ride is awesome!