Friday, March 20, 2009


Caught the cold... and now I think I'm spreading it around work. Ooops. Bad timing because we are premiering our new show a week from today and we have rehearsals EVERY night (in the late night... weeee hours of the morning).

I've been so bad at updating this blog. Guess there's not really anything to report or blog about. It's all been rehearsals, rehearsals, and more rehearsals. Nothing exciting at all. Other than gawking at my crush every time he walks by me. I watched him perform during our rehearsals last night. I couldn't help but stare. Did I already mention that he's straight? Damn... And he goes to a Christian university... Double damn. Probably no chance of him "playing around with guys." lol.

P.S. Has anyone figured out 4236 yet? lol.


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

i haven't figured it out. as long as its not the size jeans you wear 42w 36l. haha. i know its not that. ;)

naturgesetz said...

LOL at Godfrey's Off the Grid idea. No idea myself. It's 4 times 1059, but I'm not sure where that gets us. Except that 1059 is 3 times 353. Is 353 prime?

Get well soon.

Word verification: table (multiplication?)

Aek said...

I hope you feel better!!!

No, still don't know what this 4236 is yet. Is that your favorite number or something? Or the number of times you've jacked off in your lifetime as of when you posted that number? o.O

Jake Annonymous said...

yay new show?
does the streets look all pretty now?
and whats up with the big barbeque thingy being built?


Anonymous said...

Homemade chicken soap and a shot of bourbon is better than drugs.

4236? I googled it (star galaxy?), checked phone spellings. (Upside down gesh?) Nothing sexy or gay there. Thinking you might be psychic, I even tried it on a combination lock that I have forgotten the combo to (4-2-36) Struck out there too. LOL.

Bruce said... new xtube profile??? I don't know why you deleted the other one, it was VERY entertaining!!! OK, so I'm a perv who likes asian men, I can't help it I was born that way. LOL.

midoriverdegreen said...

what does it mean? i gotta know, dang it im no good at searching for hidden meanings.

i think you should make a pass on your crush the next time you get a chance just to see what would happen (: