Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Night

As I have said before, I write this blog because it's mainly a way for me to remember my life if I so choose to look back on it in the future. So I may sometimes go into details that you readers may not be all too excited to read. If that happens with this post, I apologize in advance. And also, I'm thinking the post is going to get pretty sexually explicit...

So it's 10:00pm, and I'm supposed to text Jason. I wait until 10:02, because I don't want to seem desperate by texting right at 10:00. lol. In no time, he responds by telling me that he's getting off work and that he can head over straight from there. So I give him my address and instructions on how to get in the apartment building. I'm freaking out now, because he's going to be here any minute. I had actually spent 2 or 3 hours beforehand cleaning up the entire apartment. I did all my dishes, wiped down the tables, cleaned the bathroom, dusted, took out the trash, made the bed, etc. And up until the the moment he came in the door, I was still trying to tidy things up. I even made popcorn to get ready for the movie. :P

I hear the knock on the door and I freak out, naturally. But I walk up to the door and open it. He's still in his work clothes: a blue buttoned up shirt, a blue pattern, and black slacks. He walks in and he comes in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. And thank goodness he did it because that was something else I was nervous about.. I didn't know if I should move in for a hand shake, a hug, a kiss.... so whew! He took care of that for me!

After he walked in the door, I feel like my butterflies went away. I just began to talk to him. And he was quite easy to talk to. I asked about work and his day. He did the same. As we talked, he got out the "Bedtime Stories" DVD, which I popped into the DVD. He got comfortable on my 3-seater couch, sitting on one side. I sat down in the middle seat, not too close to him, but close enough where we could be touching if we wanted to.

We let the movie start, but we were still talking about our day and other conversation starters. We just got to know each other better.. the basics I guess. If there were points in the movie that were worth discussing, we would talk about it. Our conversations were just very natural and I didn't need to try too hard to find things to talk about. THANK GOODNESS! Because, again, that was another thing that I was nervous about.

And YES, we did finish watching the movie all the way through. LOL. However, 3/4 of the way in, he said he wanted to put his feet up after a long day of work, so he laid himself across the couch, grabbed me and put his arms around me, and had me lie on top of him (not in a dirty way, guys!). I felt comfortable in his arms. And it was just cute how he made the excuse that his feet were tired. He could've just put his feet up on the table in front of him, so it was obviously an excuse to get closer to me. :)

After the movie, we decided to just watch some TV... still in the laying down position. but my neck was starting to bother me so I kinda stretched it a bit and it cracked a little. So Jason says, "Ouch, that sounds like you need a massage!" So he had me lie down face down as he got on top me (still not dirty yet, guys!). Then he says, "Well, you can't expect me to massage you with your shirt on though." So he had me take off my shirt as he proceeded to give me a really relaxing 10 minute massage. Then out of nowhere he started kissing up and down my back. Of course it felt nice. And the stubble on his face gave it a bit of new sensation as he kissed my body... I sort of liked it! Pretty soon, he was kissing up to my neck very sensually. I loved every minute of it. Finally, his kisses made it to my mouth and we made out for a while. Again the stubble felt funny, but kinda cool too.

And then he got me off the couch, stood me up, then picked me up, carried me over to my bed, and then threw me down on it. He climbed on top me (ok, this is where it gets dirty) and then took my clothes off. I was totally hard already, of course. He also took off his clothes to reveal his thick dick... completely hard as well. YUM. He started giving me head and it felt oh so good! Then he grabbed my feet, threw them up by my head, and then ate my ass and it felt oh so good!!

I didn't want that to end, but then he got up and had me follow him into the shower. And another point for him because I LOVE shower sex! I think it's so freakin' hot! I know he wanted to get in the shower because he didn't go home to wash up after work. So he was being really considerate and wanted to be clean. ANOTHER point. ;) After he soaped and rinsed, I couldn't go down on him fast enough. So I don't have too much blowjob experience, but I'm hoping I did a good job. I couldn't take all of him (I started to gag a bit) but I tried to use my tongue as much as possible, moved my head, used my hand... And there was a lot of moaning, so it had to feel sort of good right? Then I ate my very first ass. ;) That was fun because he REALLY liked it.

After the shower, we went back to the bed and continued with the sex. ;) We 69'ed, face fucked, ate ass... all very good! Then he started fingering my ass. And I was so tight... it was almost uncomfortable. It's been WAY too long... I knew he wanted to stick his dick in my butt... but I really didn't want that to happen for the first night. He was doing everything right... everything felt good... and I'm pretty sure he expected me to say, "Fuck me!" ... but I never did it. And after a while, he got the hint. So he just continued to give me great head. He then sat on my face, which took him over the edge. He blew his load all over my chest. Then he helped me along until I blew my load as well.

We got a towel and cleaned up a bit but just laid on the bed with each other for a bit. Just holding each other. So nice. I started running my hands/fingers up and down his body and he seemed to really like it. He said his skin gets really sensitive after he cums. So that just makes me want to do it more. He flips over and I run my hands up and down his back.. and down to his butt. THAT made him go crazy. And pretty soon he was all horny and hard again. I started to hump him, pretending to fuck him. He really responded to that. I pulled his hair, pulled his head back, and kissed him. I flipped him over again, grabbed his feet, put them over my shoulder and just "fucked" him like crazy. I was all sweaty again. Like dripping. The bed was squeaking, his head was hitting the wall behind him... I felt bad for my neighbors who were probably trying to sleep.

But all that made me hard again too, so he had me sit on his face. I couldn't believe it, but I blew another load, a huge one, all over his face. I then sucked him off until he blew his load too. God, writing about this just makes me hard right now. It was so awesome.

We laid on the bed for a while after... but then he started getting up. He said he just couldn't stay over and sleep in a bed that wasn't his own. But he kept telling me how sexy I am and that he didn't want to leave me. I think that was the first time in a long time that someone called me sexy straight to my face. And it was just so nice to hear. He started getting dressed, but stopped after putting on each article of clothing to give me a kiss. God, he's so damn cute. I opened the door, he gave me a big kiss goodbye, and then he walked out. I closed the door just thinking how fun the whole night was.

So, I really intended to just have a nice night of movie watching.. but I guess I also half expected things to go further. And I was ready and willing for that. About 15-20 minutes, I get a text from him. ANOTHER point for him! I didn't have to go crazy thinking about whether or not to text him and when I should do it! His text said, "Thanks again for tonight. And did you realize we had sex for 3 hours?!" HAHA.

So I'm going to Florida for a week, but we agreed to get in contact after I get back. And also, the next morning, he IMed me just to say HI before he had to go to work. I loved that he was making an effort to just stay in contact with me. Which, I'm assuming, means that he likes me? The only thing I'm still not too sure about is whether he wants to see me again because he wants to develop more with me... or he just wants to see me again so that he can stick it in my butt... I guess we will find out later. But I really do think that I like this guy. He's easy/fun to talk to, we have things in common, and he's great in bed. Hope things work out with him...

Well, right now, I'm finishing up the packing for my trip to Florida. I've confirmed my plans to meet Bryan the first night I'm there. I have to give Jamie a text when I arrive to confirm my plans with him also. SOO looking forward to this trip! Will blog about it whenever I get a chance!


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

awesome doug! sounds like you had a great time with this guy. hope you two can get together soon. :D

Aek said...

Sounds like an amazing night. ;-)

It looks like you're both clicking together pretty well, so I hope it continues! You kept giving him points, haha, so he must be better than the last guy. :P

Anonymous said...

That was hot!

You'll be in Florida for game 5 of the playoffs. LA vs Orlando. You might bring a Lakers jersey..or maybe not.

Seth said...

sounds... fun.

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Doug said...

@Godfrey: I hope we will meet up again soon too!

@Aek: he's soooo much better than the last guy!!

@wet Kyle: just finished watching Game 4 on tv! Go Lakers!!

@Seth: what's with the hesitation on the word "fun?" I definitely did enjoy myself.

j said...

"stick it in my butt"