Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meeting Jason

So I just wanted to respond to your comments from the last post:

I really appreciate everyone's input. It seems like everyone thinks it's a good idea to meet this guy. And I've decided that YES, I will.

I'm not nervous because I think he might be a serial killer or something (because I've chat with him before and been on cam. And he seems like a really cool, normal guy). I'm just nervous about what he thinks about me, how our conversations will be, what I will be talking about, how I'll react to his conversations.... I'm really REALLY bad with new people. I just shut down... so that's what I'm nervous about. I don't want to seem like an idiot.

He's actually coming over to my place in about 2 hours, after he gets off work. I'm so nervous!!!

This morning, we were both online after we woke up and we talked briefly. I was honest with him and I said, "I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about meeting you. I haven't been on a date or anything like that in a while. But I'm excited to meet you :)" He was so cute. He responds: "We are just meeting as friends. If it turns out to be more, cool. So no reason to be nervous. You have friends over all the time."

I find that really sweet of him. I'm liking this guy more and more as we talk. I really just hope that I don't screw it up. He's coming over to watch a movie. He's bringing over "Bedtime Stories," the Adam Sandler movie. I went and bought microwave popcorn just now, and I'm going to have it ready when he comes in. :P AHHH! Wish me luck!


Aek said...

Hurray and good luck!! I hope everything goes well. :D

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

AWW! Cute date! You have nothing to be nervous about, but I'd be nervous too. :) You'll have a great time though. He sounds like a nice guy. Definitely keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Good luck mate,
Hope u had fun
Does yer site that u met him off start with an s?

letopho said...

Movie? Good luck paying attention. I know how that usually goes.

I was watching Lord of the Rings Two Towers and... there were two other towers that we were focusing on.


But.. i have a feeling this dude is chill. :] Have fun buddy.

Anonymous said...

Let us know if you make it through the film...! ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you ok?
SHould we get help?
LEt us know mate!!!

Doug said...

@Tom: HAHAHA! Yes, I'm ok! I'll post about it soon! Promise!