Monday, June 8, 2009

Florida.... AGAIN

I seem to blog about the same things. But I guess it just goes to show that I don't like to break out of the familiar. So I'm making another trip out to Florida. I'm actually leaving in 4 days (WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!). But I think I should preface my Florida trip with some news on New Cute Dream Boy (Bryan) and the ever so infamous Jamie.

So it's been a few weeks since I first started chatting with Bryan. And we've been steady contact through text messages and AIM. We just tell each other what's happening in our day and joke around and stuff. We seem to have the same sense of humor and we have a lot of the same interests (mainly Disney). I really enjoy chatting with him and I just hope he feels the same way. We've already made plans to meet each other during my time in Florida. And he likes to text me with things like, "You're almost here!" or "Only 4 more days!" He has me real excited about the entire trip as a whole, but a lot of that has to do with hanging out with him. We're actually going to meet up my first night there at Epcot and watch the fireworks together. :)

I'm not really sure if I'm going to invite him over to my place. I really want to because I'm attracted to him, but I'm not sure if it's too forward to invite him to my hotel room after just meeting him for the first time. But I mean, we have gotten to know each other pretty well over these past few weeks so it's not like it's a completely blind date or whatever. And really, inviting him over to my hotel room doesn't mean we're going to be doing anything naughty, right? It's just an invitation to hang out. Hey, if it goes there, I'm not going to stop it. But I think it would be nice to just have some company. So do you all think it's okay to invite him over??

In other news, I've been in contact with Jamie. Actually, when I first messaged him a few weeks ago, the first thing he says back to me is, "Hey Doug! How's my west coast boyfriend?" Not going to lie, it made me feel really nice when he said that. I don't know why he makes me feel this way after all this time. I guess it just means that I'm not fully over him. Well, I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm not over him if I'm making plans to meet up with him while in Florida. I told him my travel plans and he tells me that he's going to be making time to see me.

He tells me that he regrets not being able to be more intimate with me the last time I went out to visit. At that time, he was seeing another boy who turned out to be a big cheater. So this time he is making sure that he spends ample time with me. He said whatever is going at work or with his family during my time there, he will MAKE the time to be with me. So he's actually going to be staying over at my hotel for 2 or 3 nights. :) I don't want to admit it, but I'm really really excited about that. And the reason why I don't want to admit it is because I'm not over him. But I'm promising myself that this is going to just be a fun time with a fuck buddy kind of thing. I'm not going to let myself get all attached.

So it's 4 days away! I can't believe it! Besides the meetings with Bryan and Jamie, I'm just excited to be at Walt Disney World again. And this time, I'm staying at the really nice vacation homes that they have there. I'm staying in THREE different hotels. My first choice was to stay at the Animal Kingdom Villas where I can have giraffes outside my window. But they only had 3 out of the 5 nights available, and they were right in the middle of my travel dates. So I had to tag on 2 other reservations on the two ends. I chose the Boardwalk Villas and the Saratoga Springs Villas. Here are some pictures of these AWESOME vacation homes:

The Animal Kingdom Villas! Yes, the giraffes are really going to be THAT close!

Boardwalk Villas! OMG this looks so pretty!

Saratoga Springs exterior

I have a pretty full schedule with meeting up with Bryan and spending time with Jamie. Sooooo don't expect a blog while I'm there. I'll most definitely Twitter though, so keep an eye on the Twitter wall. And I'm DEFINITELY taking lots of pictures. With both Jamie and Bryan. My biggest regret last time was not taking pictures with Jamie. This time, I'm taking TONS. And I'll definitely post them up here!

Wish me luck with my trip!


Aek said...

Have fun on your trip!!

Good luck with Bryan and Jamie. I don't suppose you're going to want to have them both show up at your hotel at the same time, eh? Hmmm, that'd either make for extreme awkwardness or a hot 3-some. ;-) I think I'm going to vote for extreme awkwardness though.

But yeah, take tons of pics!! ^_^

Barry said...

So I'm really looking forward to seeing Jamie, and Bryan... but all this doesnt compare to seeing Barry! Omg I can't wait to visit the UK and spend time with Barry


Aww thanks doug ^_^ so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Florida. I'm over on the coast near Cocoa Beach.

I was hoping to submit a movie to the Film Slam at the Enzian in Winter Park, FL this month and invite you and your friend to view it. I missed the deadline.

The Film Slam features 6-8 shorts every months by filmmaker wanna bees.
I don't know if you have plans for Sunday 1pm. Check it out if you have a chance.