Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Minute Vegas Trip!

This blog post is WAY overdue... but I did want to talk about it briefly. I have a few photos for show and tell. LOL. So this Vegas trip was for our friend Richard's 21st birthday! Apparently, Richard had invited Miles and he was supposed to tell me that I was invited too. This was like 2-3 weeks before the trip happened. But since Miles found out he couldn't make it, he just forgot about telling me about it. So a few days before the trip, I overheard Richard talking to another one of our friends about the trip and I was thinking, "Man, why didn't they invite me? Oh well...." And then, Richard turns to me and asks, "So how come you couldn't go?" I responded, "Oh... I didn't know about it." But YAY, I was invited! So I quickly got days off of work and packed my bags and off we went!

The trip was a whole bunch of us: Jeffrey, N, Sarah, Kevin, Michael, Richard, and his college friend Johnny. We drove in separate cars because we all couldn't fit in one. And having a Prius, I was nominated to drive. LOL. I wouldn't have it any other way though. I like driving. :) I feel like I'm in control. So along the I-15 Freeway, we decided that we wanted a little more excitement in our lives. So N rolled down the backseat windows of my car, and proceeded to pass Gummi Bears to Kevin in the lane next to us. Here is a snapshot of this amazing feat:

One of the most exciting car rides/drives to Vegas that I've ever had. :) We got to Vegas at around 1pm and we quickly checked in to our amazing 1000+ sq. feet suite at the Venetian. It was GIANT. And it had an awesome jacuzzi tub which we made good use of. After we played around with everything in the suite, we decided to go get drunk and headed out to Caesar's Palace for some Fat Tuesdays! It's basically a drink shop that serves yummy daiquiris! My favorite is the Bellini. I've blogged about it before in my last Vegas Trip post. YUMMY! The problem, though, was that I had not eaten anything. And I drank too fast. So this is what happened to me:

And there's Michael and Richard making fun of me. LOL. We had finally found some food to eat (Panda Express.. YUM!) but I was already feeling the effects of the alcohol. I just got all sleepy... I wasn't like super drunk. The food definitely helped soak up the alcohol and I was better in no time. We walked back to the Venetian and then had some fun at the pool.

There were actually some hot guys at the pool! Two of them to be exact. Amazing muscles and nice tans. Darker features. Tall. Handsome. Yum. They were swimming and playing around with, who I assume was their nephew, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. But then they left... too bad. But the group that I was with was eye candy enough though! I have some hot friends, I must say! We played around in the pool for a good hour. Our other friends (on their own trip) came over to visit. Here's a pic of me with Kelly (from my other Vegas trip) and N:

Oh.. and there's a random fat guy in the background of the picture. LOL. During this time, Kevin had apparently continued to drink and by the time we were leaving the pool, Kevin was completely passed out on one of the chairs. We had to practically carry him back upstairs. While Kevin was passed out, the rest of squeezed into the jacuzzi tub. Basically we were sitting around it with our feet in the water, haha, but it was still fun. We actually played, "I Have Never..." where we hold up our 10 fingers and we go around saying something we've never done before. If you HAVE done that thing, then you put a finger down. Of course, the game went from innocent to risque, with statements like, "I have never madeout with someone of the same sex." Sigh... well, we can all guess who put down all their fingers first. HAHA. The fun part of that was that two of the guys, Michael and Richard, proclaim to be "straight." So it was fun to see if they were secretive with putting their fingers down or not. Surprisingly, Michael was very upfront about a lot of it. Richard was a but more secretive. I was secretive too but people caught on.

Sidenote: I'm out to a lot of my friends now. Most everyone at work know that I'm gay, especially after I went to Gay Pride. It's nothing I hide anymore. I just don't yell it at the top of my lungs or overtly express that I'm gay. If people ask, then I will tell them.

But my friends were still surprised to see me put down fingers for certain things. Statements like, "I have never done anything sexual with more than one person," or "I have never used a dildo before" made my friends more than curious about me. However, I told them the game wasn't "20 questions" so I never elaborated on anything. HEHE. I can't tell my friends EVERYTHING about me!!

I won't bore you with more details of the day, but the rest of the night we went to Cheesecake Factory and celebrated Richard's birthday at midnight by singing him Happy Birthday really loud in public. HEHE. Fun times.

The next day, I went to the pool with Kevin bright and early (10am) to catch some rays. Definitely got darker. I LOVE a nice tan. Thank goodness I tan real easily! At around 11:30am, our other friends finally wake up and we get ready for another day of drinking!! We first head out to the Mirage Weekend Brunch Buffet. YUMMO! I ate sooooooo many crab legs. HAHA. I love buffets!! Then it was off to the Planet Hollywood for more Fat Tuesdays! This time, I drank EVEN faster. Got WAY drunker. LOL. So by the time I got home, I had a GIANT headache and needed water real bad.

I was fine after I drank that whole bottle of water. :) But I was still pretty inebriated. And all of us being drunk and zany, we decided to do a photo shoot with this thing called the "Circle Scarf" from American Apparel. We all found our own way of wearing the scarf (and barely anything else) and took pictures. Here was my best frame:

I really don't like it all that much, but I have gotten a bunch of comments from my friends about how muscular I look. YAY! I love getting comments about my growing muscles because it means my P90X program is working! I'm not posting my friends' pics, but I must say... I have some hot friends!! YUM! I want to lick them up and down so bad!! HAHAHA. I would never do that though, because they're my friends... but it's nice to fantasize about.

That night, we went to the Beatles Revolution Lounge @ the Mirage and had some fun dancing for a bit. It's not really a club, so the "dance floor" was quite small. Very crowded. But it was free, so we managed. But when drinks got spilled on my friends, we decided it was time to leave. But we did take some pictures of ourselves in the awesome sexy lighting before we left. Here I am trying to be sexy with my iPhone:

Did it work? Do I look sexy? HAHA. Don't answer that...
All in all, I had a GREAT time with my friends. Vegas just gets better every time. I ended up losing $25 on slots and that was it. I think I spent the LEAST on this trip but had the most fun. I love my friends!! Wouldn't have been the same without them!


Aek said...

Why not answer that? Of course you look sexy!! I mean, those abs in that one pic, omg.

I don't actually like tanning because it's hard to get an even tan all over, and I hate looking like I have a farmer's tan. My brothers tan way easier than I do.

How many drinks did you have before getting drunk? o.O

Jonathan said...

Ahh, the wonders of Vegas...


Bruce said...

That's the pussy version of I Never. The real way to play is to take a drink every time you've done the deed. It's a lot more fun!! And fat guys need love too, don't be haten just cause you're hot!! haha

Doug said...

@Aek: HAH, it only took me that one little mug of Fat Tuesday. I'm a super lightweight.

@Bruce: I wasn't trying to hate on the guy.. just saying he was randomly in our picture... :)