Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Developments

So I got an email response from him. I was so happy to get one back! He explained that he had been swamped with work and finally has the weekend off now. He also was dealing with some personal issues involving his two ex-es. And to top it all off, he feels like he's getting sick.

Well, I of course emailed him back, letting him know that I appreciate his email back and hope that he's feeling better. I also sent him a "Get Well Soon" e-card.. something cute and funny.

Alright, well, the e-card lets me know when he has received and read the card. So he already read it. but no response back from him. In my email, I also asked him to just be honest with me and let me know how he feels towards me. Was that too straight forward? Well, I haven't gotten a response....

I think I might as well just give up. I hate feeling like some love sick puppy. This is such a horrible feeling to not get anything in return. I just have to learn from this I guess. It was naive to think the perfect guy could've come so easily. I'm not as lucky as I thought I was.

Or maybe I'm still jumping to conclusions too quickly....

I almost wish I never met him cuz it's almost like torture!!

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