Saturday, August 30, 2008

Olympics ROCKED

So, I'm so glad I started this blog because now I can tell everyone how much I LOVED the Olympics. Every part of it! It was my life for those two weeks in August. I TiVo-ed every single thing and watched ALL of it. I was obsessed. HAHA.

And my absolute favorite out of the entire games, and my crush right now:

Alexander (Sasha) Artemev from the US Gymnastics Team

So damn cute! And he did so well for the US team. Clinched the Bronze Medal with his routine on the Pommel Horse. My heart ached for him, though, when he fell off the horse for the Individual Event Finals... he totally would've medaled if he had stayed on that horse.


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Why do they call him Sasha anyway? I never did figure that part out. o.O