Friday, November 20, 2009

Mini Vacation

I'm always on some sort of vacation, aren't I?

It's my friend Kevin's birthday today and to celebrate, we're going to LAS VEGAS!! Vegas is his favorite place in the whole wide world. He goes there overnight on his days off. Pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. LOL. But I was excited when he invited me to go! Vegas is the only place where I feel comfortable drinking. And I only drink the Peach Bellini at Fat Tuesdays. (I'm sure I've blogged about this before on all my other Vegas posts... :P)

Kevin's already there with some of our other friends and then a few of us are driving up today beacuse we couldn't afford missing too many days of work. But it's better this way anyway because I think spending 3 nights at Vegas is too much. I would just spend way too much money.

I do plan on spending money on a really nice buffet. I'm going to try and convince people to go to the Rio Village Seafood Buffet!! It's my FAVORITE buffet ever!! It's so freakin' good! But I guess any buffet with crab legs is good. I just LOVE crab legs!!! They might be my favorite expensive food. ;)

And if the guys don't want to go to a buffet.. I have a backup plan. Justin is also in Vegas. It's actually going to be my last time seeing Justin. He's in Vegas for a convention and then he drives his way across country to go back home. So I do want to see him one last time. He also suggested that I stay with him on Saturday night as a last goodbye... probably because he's horny. To be frank (and this is the perfect place to be), I've sort of lost my attraction for him. He's a really fun person to hang around and we have lots of things in common, but when it comes to physical attraction, it's not really there for me. Plus, he's a slobber-er... his kissing needs a lot of work. If you've read my giant Hawaii post, then you know how I feel about slobbery guys.. And it really just kills the mood when he's a bad kisser. :( Oh.. anyway.. my backup plan is to possibly break off from the group and go to a buffet with Justin. Kinda bad to break off from the birthday boy... but... I REALLY want crab legs. HAHA. But I think Kevin will also want a buffet because he loves to eat too (even though he's stick thin and super attractive) so maybe it won't be a problem. :)

Anyway, I may or may not blog using my iPhone when I'm in Vegas. But I will most likely Tweet so keep an eye on my Twitter Feed on the side if you want to keep updated on me. :P


Godfrey said...

Have a blast Doug! Little getaways like that are always great. Never been to Vegas, but I'm sure you'll have tons of fun. Upload some pics when you get back. :)

torchy! said...

sounds a fun weekend. hope you get to spend time with Justin and have 'one for the road'.

i don't understand exactly what you mean about him being a bad kisser though. so i was wondering if you could send him my way to demonstrate what it's like. then maybe you could show me how it should be done :P


Ryan said...

have fun doug! i love vegas!

Ty said...

What Ryan said but I've never been.