Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Rest of Hawaii

As promised, this post will be about the rest of my time in Hawaii. It definitely took me a while to get this posted. And it's not even that I have no time, because I do... I just spend all my time sleeping though. HAHA. I've been so incredibly lazy. Bad Doug! Well, here's my last post on Hawaii -- WARNING: It's a long one!

So it's our last night in Waikiki and we wanted to have some fun. Zack and I, the gay boys, wanted to go to a gay bar. We had been to the straight bar and it really just wasn't all that exciting or fun for us (obviously) so we asked our group if we could try going to a gay bar. The others were very nice to agree to it. And it's probably because they didn't have that much fun at the straight bar either... It was just us standing there with drinks in hand doing nothing but yelling at each other because the music was so loud. So I did some research on my iPhone and found the Hula's Gay Bar located in the Waikiki Grand Hotel. It got some great reviews and N and her friends had heard of it before so we decided on that.

We got there and it was a smaller bar with just a small space for dancing, but it was good enough for us. We quickly went up to the bar and ordered ourselves a drink. I don't usually drink, but I figured I'm in Hawaii, in a gay bar, I might as well drink something to try and loosen up. So I ordered myself a Midori Sour. And the bartender must have just known by looking at me that I'm a lightweight because my drink had the perfect amount of alcohol for me. I still took some time to drink it, but after just drinking about half of it, I was already feeling it. I told you I'm a lightweight...

A blurry, no-flash shot of the bar and my friends. Thought it looked cool

So by then, Zack and I had moved out to the dance floor and we started tearing it up. Zack had his shirt open because it was HOT in there. Sweating so much. I was too. So I stripped to my wifebeater. And I was dancing a lot... I don't really like dancing when I'm at clubs.. I just feel awkward. I know I dance for a living... but I like choreographed dancing. I don't like club dancing.. because I suck at it. But the alcohol must've been doing its job and I was just going crazy.

After a bit of that, Zack disappeared, but my other friends were still with me, sitting down in front of me while I was just dancing by myself (those punks!) when suddenly this guy went up to Chris and started saying hello. He then asked if we were all gay, which threw Chris off since he's straight. And he kind of stammered a little bit before he could tell him that they were all straight, but I was gay. And then he says something like: "Oh good.. cuz I think you're really sexy." LOL. He clearly had a few drinks already because his speech was slightly slurred. But I let him keep going. He started talking to me.. introduced himself as Nathan. He's Puerto Rican and had lived in Colorado but now moved to Hawaii where he is going to school while working at Coach. I don't know how he got all that information out to me while drunk and how I heard all that witht he loud music blaring... He was really touchy feely.. he had his arms around me the whole time. And then my friends decided to leave me (not sure if they were trying to do me a favor or what...) so I was left alone with Nathan on the dance floor.

He led me over to the bench on the side and we sat down to talk a bit more. But pretty soon, he was kissing my shoulder. And I distinctly remember thinking "oh god.. he's kissing my shoulder.. what do I do now? Am I supposed to kiss his shoulder now?..." And while I was thinking all that, he moves on to my neck and then pretty soon he gets up and gets in front of me and then goes for my lips. Ok.. so I'm in Hawaii. And this is all harmless fun so I just go along with it and let my inhibitions go. BUT, this guy is just about THE WORST kisser on earth. THE WORST.

Imagine having a vacuum planted on your lips... that's what this was. Imagine a dog with its tongue slobbering all over your mouth... that's what this was. Blech... just thinking about it makes me want to gag a little. I don't push him off of me cuz I was still a bit shocked at how horrible this guy is. Maybe it was the alcohol and he just wasn't able to control his kissing? But man, it was sooo bad. He finally let up and he excused himself saying he'll be right back. And all I was thinking was... GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!

So I walk around the club looking for my friends. Luckily the bar is small and I find Zack talking with a bunch of gays. And I just sit next to him and tell him about my situation. And I'm just sitting there trying to hide because I didn't want him to find me again and hoover my face. And then about 5 minutes later, I spot Erik and I call him over. The first thing he says to me is "What are you doing here? Nathan is looking everywhere for you." AHHH! Apparently, Nathan found my friends and started talking to them. So I told Erik to tell them to leave him! Erik goes over to N, who is having a full on conversation with Nathan about me. She's actually talking me up, telling him that I have a Masters degree and that I do P90X. HAHAHA. She was most obviously drunk too. So Erik goes up to here and pretends to dance with her and tells her: "ABORT MISSION! ABORT!" LOL. I laughed so hard when he told me this later.

Chris, N, and me while hiding from Nathan

So yes, a little immature to just hide from him... but I was slightly drunk and really didn't know what to do. HAHA. But we had a great time just hanging out with each other and just bouncing to the music. The Hula Gay Bar was a fun little place and was a great way to spend the last night in Waikiki together. So we finally decided to leave the bar... we walk out the bar and are about to head downstairs to the lobby when... guess who!!... Nathan is walking out of the bathroom and into the same hallway as us. We awkwardly say goodbye to each other as I run downstairs. OMG... we were laughing our heads off as we got down to the lobby. The security guard had to tell us to keep it down. HAHA... what a way to end the night. :P 

The next day, we decided to drive to Diamond Head National Park and hike the trail up the mountain to the peak. It was our last activity in Waikiki and I'm glad we did it. The hike was harder than I had expected but it was good exercise. Sweating profusely of course.. but there was a nice breeze at the top and the view was absolutely amazing.

Looking back down at our trail


View of Waikiki from the peak of  Diamond Head

I had such an AMAZING time in Hawaii. Word really can't describe how much fun I had. The group of us really want to make this an annual thing. And I'm TOTALLY down for that idea because Hawaii is just absolutely beautiful. After coming back home from there, I actually researched some teaching jobs in Hawaii because I might actually want to live there! hehe. The culture is just amazing and the people are so nice. I HIGHLY recommend Hawaii to be your next vacation.. you won't regret it!

**OH yeah! emailed me a few days ago telling me that they had found my blog and read my posts about Hawaii. They're interested in me becoming a guest blogger on their blog and want me to write a 300-500 word guest post about my trip to Hawaii! How cool is that? I'm working on it now and hopefully you'll see it on their site soon! Be sure to check the site out because it's a great way to find travel deals!**


Aek said...

Sounds like an amazing time!!

I love the "ABORT MISSION! ABORT!" part, LOL.

And congrats on being invited to be a guest blogger for :)

torchy! said...

haha, yes i rmeember you tweeting about Nathan's luscious lips :P mmmmm lol.

i'm so envious of the view from Diamond Head. i've seen it myself, but not for a looong time. looks like you had a great time, and would i be right in saying that the second ass from the left (:P) is yours?

i think i can just see the top of a nice pair of aussiebums too :)

sounds like you had a great time, and even if Nathan was a total no-hoper in the kissing department, he was first class in the great-holiday-stories-to-tell department!


letopho said...

boo to bad kissers!

I like how you censor the eyes.

It's like you're wearing cool glasses.