Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween = Success!!

So I didn't actually go anywhere on Halloween day, but I had a party the night before at a friend's house. I'm really glad I went and am really glad that I finished my costume. The final product was AWESOME and it was a big hit at the party. And I got compliments throughout the night on my abs. :P Sooooo proud of myself. LOL.

There's the completed shirt. It's a sleeveless crop top. I ironed on the Space Ranger logo in the middle and the "Lightyear." The buttons on the both sides are made of felt that I just cut up, stacked on top of each other, and glued to the shirt.

Here are the two designs that I painted on my arms... Kinda messed up the "SR" (Space Ranger) logo, but I don't think anyone noticed if they weren't in the light. And then N helped me draw the LASER logo on my right arm since I'm right-handed and didn't trust myself to make good lines using my left hand.

I even made shoes covers so that I was covered head-to-toe in Buzz Lightyear. But I didn't get a picture of it. :( Anyway, here's the final product:

You can't see, but I spray painted my hair purple because Buzz Lightyear wears a purple hood. And the fingerless gloves adds to the slut factor, don't you think? :P Oh, and I'm looking at the picture right now, but can you tell that those are booty shorts? I just bought white booty shorts from American Apparel and then glued the green onto the waistline.

I'm seriously proud that I was able to get it all done. It took quite a bit of time and effort to make all this, but it was fairly cheap and I think it was worth it in the end! I've even uploaded the above photo to Guys With iPhones so keep an eye out for it if they decide to post it on the site.


Aek said...

Nice sexy slutty Buzz Lightyear there - arms, abs, and all! :-P

But why the serious face?

Seth said...

It works well because you have abs.

Do they make a middle-aged, gone-to-fat version, I can dress up next year. We'll do a sort of before/after thing LOL.

Good job! And cool beans for getting on the porn errr... picture site.